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  1. That's a nice picture of a cat.
  2. Happy Birthday, Steve! Have a wonderful day.
  3. Really sorry, Jacob. RIP Dunhill.
  4. Happy Birthday, Jeff! Hope it's a great one.
  5. Jeff, what lights did you get? I need to start searching for LED lights for my garage.
  6. Happy Birthday, Mike! Make it a great one.
  7. Happy Birthday, Adam!
  8. Happy Birthday, Grahame! Hope it's been a great one.
  9. The last curtain falls. You had a great run, Mr. Poitier. RIP. 😞
  10. Ow! Sorry! At least you still have all your fingers.
  11. Happy Birthday, Renato. Have a great one.
  12. Happy Birthday! Hope it's been good.
  13. Belated Happy Birthday!
  14. Hi Earl. Good to see you're still kicking. 😁
  15. Thanks everyone. I had a nice day and nice evening with my birds and cat. Hope you all are doing well.
  16. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  17. Terrible news. Steve was as likeable and easy going as a person gets. RIP ironbut.
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