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    As a kid my friend's dad had a B&W system, since then I've been obsessed with audio.
    Poor; I spent years perfecting a headphone set-up. I really got into swapping out different cables to where I became fascinated with them and got a job with Virtual Dynamics. While at Virtual Dynamics I spent most my days till 3AM just tweaking and modding different systems to the point where I feel I have quite a grasp on the industry, One day I hope I can contribute to it as much as I've taken from it.
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    Medicine Hat AB Canada
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    Reaching the holy grail of sound reproduction.
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    Reaching the holy grail of sound reproduction.
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    AKG 701, Westone Custom IEM's
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    Benchmark DAC-1 HDR
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    Neumann KH310A studio moniters

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  1. I've had my Panasonic VT25 for years now and still think great compared to anything I've seen to date. If you can actually find a Panasonic plasma any more you might want to get extended warranty though, I have had some problems where it shuts off and goes to error code because the fan fails, nothing a couple smacks to the back can't fix, but still an issue. A good site for TV reviews is http://www.digitalversus.com/tv-television.html
  2. Yes, as well as the plants. Before they were there the wall was plastered with acoustic resonators, which I preferred.
  3. Speaker AND ear porn. Best system I've worked on and best speaker I've heard.
  4. Well the HD800's didn't blow me away. In fact, put them on for the first time and said to myself "Damn I knew I should have got the AKG's!" They sound like a mix of HD650's and 701's, and unfortunately have some of the dark veiled laid back sound of the 650's. Not sure what's up with this whole talk about them being a microscope into the sound, they're no Westone customs. I was expecting something a little more dynamic and clear with some speed and kick, things that my 701's have over them. The sensitivity of these are way outa whack as well; add 5db and the level stays the same but the dyn
  5. Well I took your guy's word for it and ordered the HD800's, should get them next week. Maybe I'll order the K812 as-well and do a comparison, if HD800's don't blow me away. To be honest though; besides the higher price of the AKG's they still have that stupid design where the cable is connected to one side of the headphone and travels to the other through the headband. It just takes away so much of what they could be and messes with the coherence, imaging, balance and tonality. Why they would boast some meaningless .9999 OFC then pass it through a steel head band blows my mind. Thanks fo
  6. When I was in the process of converting to studio monitors I was amazed by how horrible they all sounded at audition. Like with you, the only one that sounded decent to me were the Neumann's. It wasn't until I got a pair home that I realized how special they really were. Setting them up for near field listening, finding the sweet spot between the two, and the sweet spot in the room; I am immersed in the most amazing stage and imaging I've ever heard. Not only do they have great imaging and stage but they are extremely neutral... but only in this sweet spot. They're extremely picky with posit
  7. Man I wish I could audition between the K812's and HD800's. To me it appears to be a step back in time where it was the 650's and 701's duking it out. After and only after auditioning between the two; I muchly preferred the 701's. Is it really this all over again? So can I just skip the auditioning and just get the K812's, or are these HD800's really something special and in a league of their own....? Do the K812's have the traditional AKG house sound? Are the HD800's just a more refined 650? or is it more complex then that? I'm buying one or the other as soon as my confidence increases
  8. I wholeheartedly recommend the Neumann KH120. At top of the page you can find my comments on them. Have any questions on them or their big bother, shoot.
  9. I didn't say I paid for them. Arrest me now. Not sure why you're giving me such a hard time, just something I thought I would share...
  10. You know allot of people say how could this possibly make a difference but I look at it as how could this not make a difference. If something has a design drastically difference from another you should be able to hear it, if of course you have an open mind to it. I too looked at this with a closed mind and definitively heard a difference. Simple, spend the $20 then tell me I'm wrong.
  11. Being an electrician I came across these spec grade receptacles that they were just going to throw out. Knowing that they were not cheap and could possible make a difference to my system; I snatched them up. Skeptical... but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try them out. Well I have to say it was worth the 30 seconds to swap this guy in. Tightening as much as I could, utilizing the bottom half of the receptacle bypassing the tab I heard an improvement right away, not huge but defiantly there. My system seemed to have allot more oomph, Bass is heavier and more pronounced. The whole sound had m
  12. What I like the cables... That's why I bought them in XLR. Now that I use XLR I have no need for the RCA's, that's why they are for sale. That money from the sale I was planning on donating to this site anyway... But anyway don't want to go off topic. Sorry If it seemed like pitching.
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