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  1. In the new 353X they cut the wires so you can't change the voltages. Did they just cut the wires connecting to the transformer terminals or they removed the winding altogether. It's annoying using a step down transformer.
  2. I've got Koss 950, so unless the Koss 95X sounds totally different from the 950. Which I doubt, I don't see how 007 Koss 95X tuned alike.
  3. There's a thread over at HF for you to share this knowledge. @Lord_Rexter As much as I love the SR-009BK, most of the time I reach for the SR-007 Mk1 more. They're more genre friendly.
  4. I'm not an expert but aren't Stax plug already balanced? Stupid: Yeah but I got a 3D printer.
  5. That's not hard to decide. Want the best get the current 007 and do the port mod. If you CBF (can't be f...) like me get the MK I. But pretty much all the Mk I earpad foam would have suffer some form of disintegration by now. So best to get new earpads.
  6. I custom my Vesper a while ago, angled 20mm to 15mm all lambskin as it super soft with memory foam, super comfy.
  7. Looking at your list, I'm surprised you don't have the SR-007 any version.
  8. Either Stax sells em or get the part 3D printed could work too. On another note, recently acquired a box of old stuff with 2 different SR-30. One with all plastic head band and one with mixed plastic & metal. Anyone know the difference?
  9. Mach3

    Abyss Phi TC

    This compared to the LCD-4? I haven't really heard of any driver failure much with Abyss headphone. Any truth to this?
  10. That's no unicorn. On my scale that find is more like flying unicorn. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Holy smoke batman that one expensive DIY line up. How does the L700 Sigma compare to the stock L700 in term of overall sound?
  12. Mach3

    Bose Close

    It think it safe to say consumer's are now becoming very savvy with their purchases. So they would do a lot of research on the internet before making the final decision to buy anything now days. Realizing they can get similar quality for a lot less.
  13. On the topic of hard to drive. I recently acquired a Stax ELS-F81, oh man this thing is damn hard to drive. 73db/1W, only thing that drives it half decent is my 100 watt tube amp powered by 8x KT-150 power tubes. the impedance curve of these speakers sucks the life out of any SS amp I've tried so far.
  14. I saw that and I was like. WTF was that fan doing there??
  15. Thanks heaps got in touch with him. Very nice and down to earth person to deal with if anyone needs their Quad or Stax ESL service. Looks like I need to send him the panel to have them both restored to match.
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