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  1. Can buy a Merc with that collection...
  2. I'm sure if you're patient, Birgir will buy an X9000 and tell us all how good or shit it is, maybe even pull it apart. Birgir still got a few SR-Ω lying around to compared?
  3. X9000 because it tops the 9000. X is eXtreme version of 9000. It nice looking and all but I don't get why they didn't bling it up a tad. Where the plain Jane headband meets the gimble with Stax lettering and indication of left or right. Or maybe ditched the stainless steel all together with full carbon all round for weight reduction.
  4. Would have preferred they call it SR-ΩX to pay homage to the original. Anyone with the Ω planning to get the X9000 to compare?
  5. You're not pull hard enough hahaha
  6. The cables looks like they're detectable, got photo of them detached?
  7. ohhh.... portable carbon level for my Shure KSE 1500 me hoping.
  8. No he just an Australian reseller for JR Audio in China.
  9. I know caps have about 20 years life span, didn't know that applied to mosfets too. Or is it longer than 20 years?
  10. The people that made these claim obviously believes in fairies. Anyway, statement or claim made by Cheap Fi Man should be taken with a grain of salt. First example, a lot more people prefers the HE-1 over the Shangri La Sr. After hearing both, I can concur as I have heard both at a dedicated headphone store. In regards to Susvara reaching the resolution of the 009, hahah that's Crap Fi Man marketing and fanboi at work. As an advice, trust only your own hearing. Everyone hearing preference is different. Some people prefer 007, some prefer 009. Regardless how good something sounds poor build quality has no place in my book to commend 4-6k and above. It would be very hard to find someone with the financial backing to get all these expensive gear to properly test and compare them. Not to mention even if you have funds, some of these uber summit fi stuff like the DIY T2 are unobtaniumly rare. Which is likely the reason why stuff like this aren't discuss or bought to light often.
  11. Was there ever a commercial STAX SRX-Plus, or did it only exist in the DIY community?
  12. See that last post (blue binding) they cut the cable. Check if you're has the same issue. If not all good.
  13. Yeah the picture I posted was for 240V setting. In some of the energizer Stax cut the wire for the 240V winding. I had to resolder the winding using off cut wires.
  14. I did the same to mine about 2 years ago to my SRM-600 I think. It had the cut wire to the 240v tap on the transformer, Spritzer help me with this. Then gave me the correct information to sort the jumper for the voltage selection . Should look like this.
  15. What's the generally consensus revolving around which energizer sound best with which electrostatic earspeaker. Blue Hawaii for 007 DIY T2 for 009 & HE90 & HE60 Anyone got impression how the the nanotube sound with the above?
  16. You should try contact vesper audio, they can custom make the earpad for them that uses much higher quality lamb skin, super soft and durable and memory foam. I've had a few custom design done from them for my ESP 950, thicker angled pads that offer better seal. Did the same for my 007 Mk1.
  17. Here you go chocolate Regarding Voltage input to the 007t The power supply transformer has 7 tap on the input side: Yellow= common (winding 1) 1 White=same as yellow (winding 1) 2 Green=100v tap (winding 1) 3 Purple=120v tap (winding 1) 4 Black=common (winding 2) 5 Brown=100v (winding 2) 6 Blue=120v (winding 2) Six jumper bar for voltage change number 1 thru 6 1 thru 4 are to select:1=100v 2=120v 3=100v 4=120v 5=220/240 6=100v/120v So for 100v you install one bar each for 1,3,6. For 120v you install one bar each for 2,4,6. You will need to do this for your 120v For 220v/240v you install on bar each 3,5. Unscrew the two screw at the back They remove the sStax plate covering the transformer Carefully remove the board and change the desired voltage.
  18. According the the Edifier youtube clip. The Stax Japanese team will release the Omega successor when they are ready. When are they ready: When they are ready When will it be release: When they are ready Edifier calls Stax japanese team, "What time frame you need for the new Omegas": We will let you know when we are ready
  19. In the new 353X they cut the wires so you can't change the voltages. Did they just cut the wires connecting to the transformer terminals or they removed the winding altogether. It's annoying using a step down transformer.
  20. I've got Koss 950, so unless the Koss 95X sounds totally different from the 950. Which I doubt, I don't see how 007 Koss 95X tuned alike.
  21. There's a thread over at HF for you to share this knowledge. @Lord_Rexter As much as I love the SR-009BK, most of the time I reach for the SR-007 Mk1 more. They're more genre friendly.
  22. I'm not an expert but aren't Stax plug already balanced? Stupid: Yeah but I got a 3D printer.
  23. That's not hard to decide. Want the best get the current 007 and do the port mod. If you CBF (can't be f...) like me get the MK I. But pretty much all the Mk I earpad foam would have suffer some form of disintegration by now. So best to get new earpads.
  24. I custom my Vesper a while ago, angled 20mm to 15mm all lambskin as it super soft with memory foam, super comfy.
  25. Looking at your list, I'm surprised you don't have the SR-007 any version.
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