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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I ended up driving 20min to pick them up after seeing your response. Offer was too good to pass. This will keep me busy until my SR-007 MK1 arrives.
  2. Anyone here own's the KSE1500 who can describe how it compares to the SR-009 or SR-007. Thinking of grabbing one for a lot less than the KSE1200 on local used market.
  3. If there's any left over GRLV I'm after 4 thanks & 4 Alps,TKD combo board.
  4. Nothing shocks me now after witnessing Dr. Fang Bian public meltdown with the famous phrase "it's expensive because it sounds good"
  5. So what is consider the ultimate jump combo would be, T2 DIY with SR-Omega or the T2 DIY with the new SR-009s? Looks like either a SR-202 or SR-207 with the following Modhouse Audio Stax earpad adapter & ZMF lambskin earpads. https://www.modhouseaudio.com/stax-earpad-adapter/xbd7diflbdflc39z62hgswzxgqship
  6. I recently purchased a cheap SR-5, so now I'm in need of amp with normal biasing. Between a SRM-1 MK2 or SRM-T1S, which one will I be better off and why?
  7. I'll take some photo later and post them up. Hands down sturdy and easier to remove headband with the old lamda series. Also, as mentioned it doesn't squeak. They only thing I like about the SR-L700 headband is the gold stax logo to match the gold tag on the SR-L300 LE earspeakers.
  8. I've compared the the earcup holder of my SR-507 to the SR-L700 headband I purchase for my SR-L300 LE. I prefer the metal earcup of SR-507 much much more over the SR-L700 earcup holder. Just seem much better built and sturdy . I just did some searching on the internet. It the same headband / metal earcup as the SR-507 from the the look of it from the SR-L700 Pro photo I found. https://www.hifi-berlin.com/sr-l700-pro.html
  9. Why 2 L300 LE, so you can pull one apart and compare it to the L700?
  10. I wonder if her listening result would be different if he paired her with a Stax rather than an al cheapo ATH-M50x.
  11. That's what I thought when they first intro it. Why they recycling the name. Wouldn't be surprised it a 252s internal with ESS base dac and of course an classic analog meter from the 60-70's.
  12. Make more sense naming it SRM-D50 than SRM-212 considering it should be a higher grade product over the SRM-252S. Pricing and release date for the SRM-D50?
  13. Is the SRM-212 dead? It's been 2 years since it was last seen in CES 2016. Anyone got any news in regards to this.
  14. This stuff has happened before. https://domaingang.com/domain-news/soundfocus-to-file-for-bankruptcy-amp-audio-device-ditched/ I backed this project when it was heavily advertised. Safe to say I won't be backing any company no more. Unless they introduce new laws to protect the consumers.
  15. I'm looking to get a pair of SR-007. Should I be searching for the MK1 or would I be better off getting the MK2 and doing the port mod. My main concern with the MK1 is the channel imbalance & driver failure. But I hear people say the MK1 offer better sound stage.
  16. Mach3

    SRL300 Limited

    I can confirm I don't have this issue with my L300 or L300 Limited either.
  17. Mach3

    SRL300 Limited

    Can anyone confirm the difference between SRM-353X and the SRM-353XBK (Limited) beside the gold badge and black paint job?
  18. What I learnt from 7 years on HF - Expensive = Sounds Good vs What I learnt from 1 post on HC = Stay clear from all the hype train.
  19. Pardon my ignorance, what currently in your view beats the HE90?
  20. Mach3

    SRL300 Limited

    Where are you guys purchasing this from? Trying to get my hands on a pair to compare with the standard SR- L300 & SR-L700
  21. Has anyone actually got a finished working Cyclotrons?
  22. That's not so bad, can you PM me the cost for the transfer thanks.
  23. Entertain me please. What's the cost to ship to Australia postcode 3030
  24. Hello, everyone. Need some advice, does anyone know a supplier in Australia or Oceania that produce a toroidal transformer for the KGSSHV for Australian 240V voltage? Got an uncompleted KGSSHV from the states and there's only 1 117V primary winding so I can't bridge 2 117V to make 234V
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