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  1. Holy moly. This gent pees ice cubes. Mr. Andy Wallace, I bow to you sir as you are a ROCK STAR! HS https://jalopnik.com/the-bugatti-chiron-just-cracked-304-mph-on-special-mich-1837811754?rev=1567432738518&utm_source=jalopnik_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow&utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_twitter
  2. Wow...that was a brutal accident, ironbut. Godspeed, Mr. Hubert... HS
  3. Well... I've been missing having a stick car in the stable. Was planning on purchasing a different car but the order banks for what I want do not open until next year. In the process of punting my Demon (suspension is not to my liking...way to singular in personality...drag suspension and I prefer more of a road race setup), I bought a car yesterday that I have yet to see in person so this should be entertaining. 2012 BMW M3 coupe manual w/ "slick top" and competition package in Interlagos Blue / black leather. It's got some miles on it, but these are getting more difficult to find. V8 motor that spins to 8300 rpm. It's light on torque for what I'm accustomed to, but hopefully I'll leave it alone and not slap a blower on it...LOL. There's actually a nice kit out there. Just something to drive for a while that's more nimble than the Trackhawk. Should look something like this except with the carbon fibre roof and no sunroof...thank goodness. vroom vroom... HS
  4. RIP, Ms. Valerie... Thank you for all the smiles... HS
  5. Godspeed, Jessi... You went out doing what you were passionate about. If we were all only so lucky. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a28843412/jessi-combs-killed-in-land-speed-record-crash/?source=nl&utm_source=nl_rdt&utm_medium=email&date=082819&utm_campaign=nl17898398&src=nl HS
  6. grawk, I looked up Indian coffee out of curiosity. Is this where you whip coffee, sugar and a bit of liquid into a frothy paste? I've seen some make "Cuban" coffee this way before. HS
  7. Looks yummy, grawk! Love the medium roast...nicely done. I cracked open a new bag of Columbian today as well... Love me my weekends... HS
  8. The 300m is a beaut. I've been ogling the stainless and cedna gold on black rubber strap far too much... It's a bit too large at 42mm, but it sure is a great looking watch. I only tried it on once while on vacation and I have to say I struggled with the pin buckle rubber strap. I need to drive one again to see if it was simply a matter of my rum induced lack of fine motor skills... HS
  9. SW, I honestly couldn't say. I purchased mine as a pre-release and they tossed in both the rubber and stainless for the same price. It was priced in Euros and that's not a bad thing at the moment. I'd bet it's not too bad given the watch was reasonably priced IMO. HS OK...off my arse and found it's 110 euros for the beads of rice, including VAT, and 36 euros for the rubber strap. https://baltic-watches.com/en/accessories
  10. Seawolf makes a good point. If you like to punt / swap out then something that allows you to extract more value than not is a good call. The Baltic is great value for money IMO. I've worn it more than I expected given my other two primary options. Strongly recommend getting both the rubber strap (super nice...I can only speak to the blue) and the beads of rice bracelet. Having said that, if you needed to choose one I'd recommend the rubber strap. It's that nice, even though you have the quick release on the beads of rice stainless. Best of luck, sbelyo. HS
  11. Apologies for detracting from the exchange. I'm learning a few things about machines here. I use a French press. My first time trying a Zambian coffee and I must say it is very good. Purchased from Double Shot in Tulsa. Why Tulsa how a relatively generous amount of good roasters I cannot say, but this is one of my favorite roasters these day. I lean towards medium roasts on most coffees although do love an espresso now and again. HS
  12. ER, What are we looking at? Certificate of authenticity, chronometer accuracy test, etc...? HS
  13. Great info, ER! I do own a pair of HF slacks...loved the material and the cut. A bit pricey but I've been pleased with them all around. I'll see if I can register for SaksOff5th...I'm subscribed to their normal site and the prices are a bit stiff. Brooks and NM also. I was a bit more fashion savvy pre-kids. Oh well...LOL. HS
  14. Thanks, ER. I probably need to look into something similar one of these days. I'm a 40L, but my lower half is pretty damn flat / relatively thin. Pants are always baggy. I try to by a certain cut of the Hart Schaffner Marx and then get it tailored...perhaps a New York fit or a Los Angeles fit...can't recall. They had some dates at my local mall where they were "making to measure" or the like and I missed it. Purchasing slacks for the office is one giant PITA for me. Cool on the bracelet. I don't wear any...perhaps I'll have the wifey gift me one some day. I noticed Omega has some out. HS
  15. Nice bracelet, ER. Give us a few more shots of it if you don’t mind including side and clasp. I like the jacket. What exactly does made to measure mean? I’m thinking they tailor an off the rack jacket, but I honestly don’t know. HS
  16. RIP, Rutger. Bladerunner...oh my. Exceptional. HS
  17. Dave, So is the billiards watch now a Grand Seiko? HS
  18. I'm having a hard time keeping up, Dave...LOL. Enjoy...beautiful watch! HS
  19. Godspeed, Art. You made me smile to some tasty tunes many a time... HS
  20. That arse end shot looks like a transformer or something... HS
  21. I was thinking that very thing today...hope they get the QA/QC correct. Having a first year model when it is a collector's item waaaaaay down the road is one thing. Driving (i.e. paying for) a new car with niggles is no fun. I have to give Cheby (yeah...that's what I call chevrolet) credit for pushing the envelope. Bold move going mid-engine. 8 banger, mid-engined American muscle car is pretty nifty. HS
  22. The Santos....gold in a leather band is something I've been thinking about. I've been threatening another car purchase so I'm trying to exercise some self restraint while funding two private college educations... I'll be working a while longer...LOL. HS
  23. RIP, Rip...great work and many hours of enjoyment. Mr. Perot.... HS
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