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  1. Fun... The "bucket" seats, although wrapped in a nice alcantara, were a bit much. Think bucket stuck to arse in and ingress and egress requires olympic technique...LOL. Good for a track car. The door release is basically seat belt material for weight savings. Otherwise, pretty bad ass. HS
  2. LOL. I'm not that big a guy. It's a comfort thing. It'll either work for me or it won't, but I'm used to going fast in something that has room in it. We'll see how it goes. There's a lot to like in a 911 aesthetically and performance wise. Pricing...gotten a bit frothy especially given how many were produced. TBD for me... HS
  3. I was surprised how much I liked the newer bezel. Darker / deeper colors made it more approachable for my taste. Different strokes... HS
  4. I agree. I was going to test drive a 911 Carrera S six-speed coupe yesterday but the shop wasn't open. Having stated that, the primary reason for wanting to drive it was to see how I felt about the size of the car. My gut tells me it might be too small for my tastes these days. The older I've gotten the more I appreciate a bit of room. I know the newer 911's have gotten a bit bigger, but still looks to be a pretty tight space. I need to drive to know so it's on the agenda. I did like the size, generally speaking, of the cabin in the 2-door couple BMW's. They did not feel too small to me. I'm not married to getting one, but there was a lot I liked about the two I drove. HS
  5. I'm looking for a 6-speed and if you see a 2012 -2013 M3 pop up I'd love to know. No more black for me, though...LOL. I have a black race car now and it's a PITA. I might hit you up. I've been doing some reading on known issues, etc... I like the idea of the V8 but I've decided I don't want it to be too much of a project car. Just something to have fun in and typical maintenance. The F82 was more fun to drive than I expected. Not quite as sexy to my senses as the 2012 E92 I drove but still a hoot. It was pretty darn nice too... HS
  6. So I've been missing a stick car of late. Trying to decide what if anything I should acquire. Wife will likely strangle me unless I sell something, but I'll cross that bridge assuming I survive...LOL Test drove a 2012 BMW M3 with a 6-speed. Fun car although it was a bit of a rough condition. They are difficult to locate and it was just down the road so I went for a spin. Overall, worth the time but it wasn't a keeper. Car out of Quebec that had made its way to TX. They weren't ask kind to it as it deserved. Today I test drove an M4. For whatever reason BMW designated the M3's sedans beginning in 2014 and the M4's the coupes. Again, I was looking for a stick car. Easier to locate M4's than M3's so that part was good. The M3 has a naturally aspirated V8....pretty cool to see that in a 2-door BMW. The M4 has their straight line 6 cylinder twin turbo. Not a bad little motor that makes more power than the V8 thanks to forced induction, but not as visceral as the V8. It's also a bit lighter than the M3's were thanks to more extensive use of carbon fiber and the like. I'm not sure how I feel about the color (it is a bit more metallic orange than it appears in the pics although it very much depends on lighting), but I the interior was very tasteful (it is darker than the images suggest...think a tobacco). I sure did have fun driving it... HS
  7. Bart Starr....wow. An amazing quarterback and all around player. Pads weren't all that great back then.... RIP, sir. RIP, Mr. Buckner. HS
  8. LOL. You buy something as high tech and hand made as the spring drive and you'll have to deal with some up keep even if it is Japanese made... I want to love the GS's but I'm not there. They sure are working hard to progress the value of the brand...can't take that away from them. HS
  9. The craftsmanship from GS is superb. I want to love these watches. There is something clinical about them that has kept me from acquiring one thus far. The colored dials on the Elegance Collection helped warm things up for me. Stunning work and aesthetics. Not enough to make me what to take the leap, but a much needed foray IMO. HS
  10. My experience thus far, Rossliew, has been very good. No drama unless I forget to wind it when swapping between watches. I had the seconds timer running for several weeks just to see the movement. Seems to use up the battery a bit more quickly, but again...accurate. Note I've only been wearing the watch since X-mas. Overall, super pleased with it especially now that I have the alligator on deployant clasp I always pictured it with. HS
  11. Oh NO!!!! What a will of heart the man possessed. Not too many more accomplished in open wheel racing. Godspeed, Niki... HS
  12. Alligator deployant strap for me Omega. Pleased with the craftsmanship and customer service from Jean Rousseau. HS
  13. RIP, Mr. Conway....you made me laugh more times than I can thank you for. HS
  14. RIP, Chewy... May the fur be strong in the afterlife. RIP, Mr. Hernke. RIP, Ms. Lipton... A true beauty. HS
  15. I was only there two years...almost to the day. Bailed in 1981. Went to Palatine HS for freshman and part of sophomore year and then relocated to Texas. I don't miss cold weather.... HS
  16. Nice Omega! I lived in Paletine for a couple of years as a pup. Been a long time, but great experience coming from the Southeast originally. HS
  17. Lovely dress watch. I'd take the Santos in gold with alligator band first though... I've owned a watch of that shape since 2004 or so. Not nearly as nice but I've enjoyed it over the years. Baume & Mercier and quartz...it was what I could afford at the time. Been good to me over the years. Don't wear it much anymore. HS
  18. The new Pepsi with the jubilee bracelet is surprisingly light on the wrist. Wears very comfortably. HS
  19. I do dig the Batman. The darker colors on the GMT II are pretty sexy also. I've had a de Santos on the brain also... HS
  20. There are some Speedys that have gone haywire. My estimation is that the watch market will go the way of the stock market...just like vintage autos. Folks get spooked and feel wealthier after a good rally and begin shifting money into hard assets. I don't know what good / too hot looks like with watches. What I do know is that drunk men at the Barrett Jackson auction overpay for vehicles HS
  21. err...in the eyes of the beer holder in my college experience... But I ask that we keep that in the Cone of Silence. HS
  22. The Batman is a great looking watch. Wears very nice. HS
  23. RIP, Dick Dale and Rankin Roger. Both had an impact on me. We were in Paris in 2010 and stopped by to take in one of humanities grander accomplishments. Crushing to watch the spire fall... HS
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