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  1. Got my package today! Thank`s a million!!!
  2. Will you alow for adjusting numbers when the prices are in?
  3. I'll gladly take a pair of 2SC1815 to. Thanks!
  4. I think i have seen one of those finished, probably in here it think... I thought it was a Blue Hawaii inside.. Custom work and custom parts adds up quickly.. but man they look good.
  5. Has drawings for the chassis been posted somewere? I don`t have a T2 pcb, or any plans to trye and get one, but i am a machinist, and are just curious about the machining part of it..
  6. I think the post route is more or less direct due to many flights from NY area to Norway.. Post date says 26/4, so it is pretty good if think, and the custom did not get there hands on it..they add a couple of days it seems..
  7. 1 amp board and 1 set of split GRHV for me please.
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