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  1. Such a situation, Thank you for maintaining! I thought this was only me!
  2. I've loved this stuff. T Minus 5's Drummer was my band /orchestra teacher. I am Out for two weeks due For to long, mass sJitposting. I will leave and log out now. I Am comfortable with what is in the mirror And one day I will read this Linked/attached file. No more OT of mine. I'm caught-up. This is misgivings post and a paper... for the likes of me... someday. I don't want to sell Kevin Gilmore Stuff. Ever is good. If I can get away with NOT screwballing. I like this place [can I underscore that.] And the People: I just tried. Nowhere else to leave a doc, b
  3. OkHaving fun (but will watch it from now on! If fortunate enough I may tend to post every other week here or so. I enjoy "The Kid Laroi" sometimes twice a month. It is fairly cool in my mind; If a surely different taste for sure. Some his tracks thoroughly annoy me nonetheless, they're easy to enjoy.
  4. I have an EUVL F5X I recently acquired in need of help/work. I need to develop skills first. We have a fantastic "Interwest Electronics repair" but they're Booked!! EDIT: I Almost forgot a photo, attached for final edit. Just took it. And I repaired an old gifted coffee machine I got a couple of weeks ago. These things are too silly-fun Waiting for milk carafè in the mail. Bought the diffuser, milk carafè, and control boards, and I may need another piece. Gran Dama Avant couldn't be less my style tho. Also building an Über-amp courtesy of Soren_b in the next 5 weeks.
  5. Working on the Quads today, at my own favorite rental... refurbishment and placement in the coming week or two. Mr Bear came from St George, just got back from the 2.5day trip! Had a really good time, Back to "Realising" Hoping that everyone is great in spite of myself, and well, this room is finally coming along! 🙌 Things have been pretty good around here these passed few weeks.. looking at 32/5 channel realiser captures. I did a 39 channel Professional grade atmos cinema 2 and a half months ago after trying to get in since Thanksgiving! I am w
  6. Just checking in, Want to thank dsatsvik for -designing) the miniMAX project that I did when I was 16... Anyway, just jamming. I am not much of a diyer these days. Repairing some quads soon Wishing everyone well around my favorite site ever!
  7. I have heard these headphones and they are good for certain. Probably better or as much fun as an Sr Lambda. Or on equal playing field depending on what is driving what. I would love to have a pair of these. I've wondered when somebody would bring these 💎 gemly cans up. I hope at least a few other people here do have some experience with these. They're a piece of history. Edit: My mistake, I had thought these were the electret-dynamic hybrid AKG 340's.. Cool headphone which is also a very real contender and has a unique presentation and sig. Never tried the 240...
  8. HD 800 plus hpeq or Sorrodje's SuperDupontResontor modification, or campfire audio solaris for Darin Fong's OOYH and Smyth A8 prir files for Netflix or film and 2 channel or surround presets. I have to see if OOYH can be run from Android. I sold the solaris recently due to expense but in the future I would like another diamond like carbon iem for Dsp through the phone. On Android if ever Darin gets it working! I will probably update this post very soon about the Android functionality if I hear back from Darin, whom always promptly replies to requests about Out Of Your Head softwa
  9. Now somebody is speaking the right language. Interesting, Isn't that funny, Sr 50"8"
  10. Sad day.. ^^ Safety people. Please ground properly unless you're wearing an "I R Spritzer" T-shirt.
  11. Happy Birthday Tmoney! Make this one count! Life is good!
  12. Hi HD man. There's a board run going on right now.. If you're looking for a board set, try pm'ing him. Edit: I think HDman's post was deleted. I think Lil' Knight is doing a board run right now. I forget if the other projects are avaialable.
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