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  1. HD 800 plus hpeq or Sorrodje's SuperDupontResontor modification, or campfire audio solaris for Darin Fong's OOYH and Smyth A8 prir files for Netflix or film and 2 channel or surround presets. I have to see if OOYH can be run from Android. I sold the solaris recently due to expense but in the future I would like another diamond like carbon iem for Dsp through the phone. On Android if ever Darin gets it working! I will probably update this post very soon about the Android functionality if I hear back from Darin, whom always promptly replies to requests about Out Of Your Head softwa
  2. Now somebody is speaking the right language. Interesting, Isn't that funny, Sr 50"8"
  3. Sad day.. ^^ Safety people. Please ground properly unless you're wearing an "I R Spritzer" T-shirt.
  4. Happy Birthday Tmoney! Make this one count! Life is good!
  5. Hi HD man. There's a board run going on right now.. If you're looking for a board set, try pm'ing him. Edit: I think HDman's post was deleted. I think Lil' Knight is doing a board run right now. I forget if the other projects are avaialable.
  6. You find offers to the solutions of the problems you asked openly offensive... Stop trolling.. I offered you a service which you were looking for.. That is all.. I went out of my way to communicate with you as you seemed like a guy looking for a solution. I even offered my phone number in good faith.. I have work study at the University.. I spent half of my time trying to help you yesterday. And you claimed you wanted someone to build it. There's nothing more I can do. You're welcome to post whatever you want.. If you post it up people will see what an absolute prig you were regarding the s
  7. HD man, upon talking to you, I think You're not realizing what you're getting yourself into. I understand you'd like to pay 'a professional' to build the amp for 44$/hr *cough*. You do realize all this guy's going to do is fill the boards for you? That's two full days of labor (9-10 hrs per day I'm guessing, even if he has all the parts in front of him). And then you have wiring, sure. This is a little faster, but not by much. You also don't know weather to buy simply things like 600V or 1000V wire, gauge or PVC or Teflon. Or cotton/wax coat everything. You know nothing about the specifics let
  8. Wicked good. I bet your engrossed in your 009's. Outstanding casework on both builds.
  9. Hi PICaudio, Have any jacks and pins left!? I'd love to hit you up for two or three.
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