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  1. Now somebody is speaking the right language. Interesting, Isn't that funny, Sr 50"8"
  2. Got mine a couple days ago! Looking very nice!
  3. Sad day.. ^^ Safety people. Please ground properly unless you're wearing an "I R Spritzer" T-shirt.
  4. Happy Birthday Tmoney! Make this one count! Life is good!
  5. Hi HD man. There's a board run going on right now.. If you're looking for a board set, try pm'ing him. Edit: I think HDman's post was deleted. I think Lil' Knight is doing a board run right now. I forget if the other projects are avaialable.
  6. You find offers to the solutions of the problems you asked openly offensive... Stop trolling.. I offered you a service which you were looking for.. That is all.. I went out of my way to communicate with you as you seemed like a guy looking for a solution. I even offered my phone number in good faith.. I have work study at the University.. I spent half of my time trying to help you yesterday. And you claimed you wanted someone to build it. There's nothing more I can do. You're welcome to post whatever you want.. If you post it up people will see what an absolute prig you were regarding the slew of the information I gave you. That won't make it valid or even intelligent. Good luck with your build. I hope you can pursue your build as desired. I don't doubt you can if you just take the time.
  7. HD man, upon talking to you, I think You're not realizing what you're getting yourself into. I understand you'd like to pay 'a professional' to build the amp for 44$/hr *cough*. You do realize all this guy's going to do is fill the boards for you? That's two full days of labor (9-10 hrs per day I'm guessing, even if he has all the parts in front of him). And then you have wiring, sure. This is a little faster, but not by much. You also don't know weather to buy simply things like 600V or 1000V wire, gauge or PVC or Teflon. Or cotton/wax coat everything. You know nothing about the specifics let alone the general picture, and it's scary. And frankly I'm sick of reading your posts on it. If you want to get this done, you need to do some real research. You need to learn how to study before you ask questions. Right now you are beyond help. So get with the program. Just to fill the board is likely going to cost you around 20 hours in 44$ labor/hr labor if it's 'the guys' first build. You might have a day or two of wiring times too. Oh, and by the way, we forgot to mention, mouser does not import all the parts you'll need to find part substitues. Realistically, if you want to get your amp right the first time, even seasoned Veteran's spend at least one full day in parts searching. I spent three days of free time on/off double checking everything. All-all it came to about 15 hours or so. Just because it sure sucks to be wrong! And not many people (want to) afford the disgrace of frying the whole board. You need to read the thread as you order your parts. Congratulations, you might just get up to your wiring done. If this is your first build, you're likely to have a hard time. - - Read the forums and find every scrap of information you can for a full month. Take notes of diamonds in the rough. Pull your head out of your @$$ and do some real research (by yourself) if you want to do this. I'm sick of reading your posts. This is NOT Head-fi, godbless. Herp-derp is not tolerated. (Refer to figure 1.1a) Please leave the nature of Head-fi on Head-fi. When you want to get serious post here. This is just a warning to help you, continuing down where you're going; you're likely to insert something backwards, ~~KA-BOOM!~~ order and insert wrong or garbo parts that break down early, use weak wiring (obviously) you're planning to use a shit attentuator, which potentially even ruins the point of the build, have no idea of how the 'casework' and selection process on the front therein works, you likely may isolate something badly and fry half the gear on your board. (Which literally creates 3-4 times the work of the original KGSSHV, and then you have to troubleshoot, which I'm guessing you cannot do. But I guess you could 'pay that guy' to do that. Lol, the charges become expensive. And because of your inhability to research, most of us do not want to read about your problems. Again, my motivation: Those of us here are tired of reading stupid posts. I'd prefer not wade through your posts for awhile, as the bullshit is already up to here. Please refer to HeadCase's welcome message.
  8. Wicked good. I bet your engrossed in your 009's. Outstanding casework on both builds.
  9. Hi PICaudio, Have any jacks and pins left!? I'd love to hit you up for two or three.
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