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  1. Birgir could be right about the inner pad diameter being too large. In point, the Omega pads were quite a bit smaller than the 90mm active area. There's some reverberation bouncing off the side of your head because the pads are so large in diameter to the point that they don't come off very integrated and direct; the soundstage imaging rubs as sort of strange, all thoughts without any of the "tuning" foams in them.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly~!, I have the 001 tips for the 001 and electrodes (driver) in the 001 and 003mkii are identical. I will mail you my large 003 eartips if you'd like, if you still have your 003(mki or mkii?). I put 003mkii medium sized tips on the 001 because that was an improvement in comfort too. The 002/mkii tips are an improvement because they enable/provide a larger inner canal opening diameter. I'll try to post pictures of the large opening with the 002/003 mkii tips for anybody interested. Only the diaphragm -and the eartips differ. It would be interesting to know if other tips would be comfortable for you. *shrug* I don't need the 'large' tips I still have.
  3. I can't speak to 003 COMFORT[post!] for others, BUT so long as I am sure that weight of the iems are on top of the head rather than the ear canals, I find they don't fatigue the ear canals physically at all. I agree that they may be uncomfortable at the ear canal, whenever the weight of the headband is in the ear canal rather than on top of the head. And they're still not quite perfect even that way, but are more comfortable [I have small ear canals, but they are not uncomfortable when appropriately worn]: that is the exchange of not having a headphone around the ears on the jaw, and when worn appropriately (and in my case with small supplied eartips) they're pretty close to being called 'comfortable'.. While on topic of comparing again I actually prefer the 003 to the L300 while iem vs headphone but that large 4 by 6mm canal opening continually helps steer preference to the 'In Earspeaker' 003. I find the l300 diaphragm is less transparent and I like the sound transparency about the low profile 003. I prefer the 009 to the 003 any day though, but the low profile factor of the iem (it isn't around your ear) is appreciated. Lyrics are much 'better,' as in easier to understand&hear with enough finesse from the 003 while l300 sounds rather 'thick' in comparison so 003 definitely wins (from a modded 727), While some spatial cues are naturally better from the Lambda. But I can't appreciate those as much as the somewhat more intimate and less thick sound of the iem. I think the 003 are great, if unfortunately not the most comfortable WHENever the weight of the assembly, including headband is not worn correctly and weighs directly on the ear canals, not that they're heavy; the canal opening is large enough that the weight becomes bothersome though. That has been my experience with the 003, is that the same you've experienced? I remember Kevin (Gilmore) posted that the 002[003] are "absolutely" the best thing in the world for female vocals in the Headfi Diy electrostatics thread. There's a great point! They sound close to as good as the 009'S' for female vocals to me, (although-beit only) in an iem!
  4. Thoughts on Dan's Voce: I was Dude500 on Headfi (before banned for once being Hennyo), and stand by what I said about them on the first page of the brief Voce thread. They're not "bad" electrostats, but imaging is not quite there. Maybe the larger driver itself is what resolves less well than the smaller 009 or it's the stator design or the diaphragm. To my ears they're NOT as resolving as the 009, or 009S from BHSE and a -very nice sounding- DAVE dac, which Dan endorses.. I doubt the sound exactly-quite stands up to 3k. The 009 electrode I believe are (perforation pattern, ALSO smaller and more holes) superior and impact the detail reproduction from an electrostatic phone. Not sure about the 'S' as Stax backtracked a bit on those with etching around the holes in my honest OPINION, but I do enjoy the detailed sound from the diaphragm and tension on it in the S. While still sounding nearly as pleasant as the 009 diaphragm. The efficiency of the 'S' also is a bit less than the original 009. 2¢ I think that Dan/MrSpeakers could do better, and SHOULD do better, unsure if he'll rest on the Voce for now as he is possibly looking for new transducer material/tensions (and stator patterns). I think the Voce may not be reaching a large market because if they sounded more detailed they'd be great or better. Bass supported from the larger active area is alright, but I do prefer the 009 because it has well integrated detail-delivered; though the Voce is in part ok for listening to music casually. Interested in what you find. Thanks for purchasing one Birgir-Spritzer. Thanks for Dan bringing it to market anyway, it did take a while to do so - I think that it's built fairly nicely but dislike like the slight to significant present Difference of the 009'/S detail; I can only speculate ^ I enjoyed the 88mm driver size and I think that was chosen carefully. Maybe slightly smaller at 84 or 86 or so mm would be the best though, I may say that because 88mm is the cream-solution and I simply wish the driver was much more transparent/detailed in the Voce. This may be in a part due to the perhaps overly large inner-diameter pad opening that Spritzer and Kevin allude to. Happy Halloween Headcasers' And Birgir or Kevin, want information on the KSE-1500 amplifier.. From yourself or KG. What has been said is the designer Knew their business.
  5. There are some people at SBAF (and Head-Fi) who have taped around the pad perimeter and at the small plastic-baffle through-holes and maybe, (I can't seem to remember) posted measurements at SBAF on sealing and sub-bass response and found the 25hz response to get even more flat, (less 'rolled off' in the 45hz and below region, not that the L300 Lambda is to be terribly concerned about to begin with imo)... --From what I've read as well as have heard by word of mouth (Alan Lin from/at The Source, and Miceblue who recently went to an AZ meet, and posted measurements at SuperBestAudioFriends -) the L300 measures the flattest of the Lambdas, flatter than L300Limited that 'clearly sounds recessed' in comparison. L300 is flattest of the entry Stax and I have been tempted to buy L300Limited to compare with the L300... but by just about every account I heard through word of mouth and have read so far, L300Limited sounds, is peakier and bassier than the L300, more recessed by 2.75 or 4db between 275hz-850hz... I do not recall regarding Frequency response -as a sole parameter- whether L300 is flatter than the L700. My two cents, I use the Stax 002/003mkii from desktop amps nearly as much or even more than the L300. Something about the L300 diaphragm sounds slightly thickish to me, but I suspect most people find L300 a good, fun headphone. The iems (003) can be had for $260 from a US dealer, such as The Source or Headamp, or less through Ebay resellers... The Stax iems don't have measured Lambda bass distortion which I believe that Spritzer alluded to briefly in the next post below for bass limitations one hears in the Lambda' models. That limitation Spritzer mentioned is measured consistently at Innerfidelity which Tyll's done, also through Marv and other posters on Super Best Audio Friends.. I have the L300 and I generally use the 003. A Key design feature the Stax iems have is a quite large iem canal opening, close to 4 by 6mm, so an unusually LARGE width, or "quantity" of sound makes it to the ear canal for an iem which is a Stax novelty, in an iem. You also don't have to keep a headphone on the head/jaw and they are cheaper, and light.. After Spritzer's post below I agree that sub bass in the Lambdas' will not roll off (to a concern or fault). If you're concerned, simply discreetly tape the perimeter of the open-baffle L300 if you're concerned and then rolloff lessens (a fair bit more) around 25hz 5db down or so. 003 mkii: I sometimes do still miss the over ear experience the that the 009 or even the that the Lambda' offers, but there is something that I just personally dislike about the L300 diaphragm which sounds 'thick' to me, compared to the 009 and S models as best as I can describe the diaphragm. To me the 2.1 micron Stax 003 mkii does not have that 'thick' way of sounding that the L300 does. Start with L300 or whatever you like if you're trying electrostatics. People might give the 003 mkii or 002 from Headamp, Elusive Disk, or The Source, etc a try for a portable system unless they're in an office situation and enjoy the 009 as a portable solution from D10 (which honestly sounds a little bit grainy ..imo). The Stax iems when from a desktop energizer-amp give the impression that you don't really deal with compromises in them in terms of sound.. aside from the fact they are (well designed) *in earspeakers;* that term does quite very aptly describe them.
  6. And the 009S diaphragm is probably honestly better anyway (leaner, seemingly faster transient decay, if not as "tone appropriate" -whatever that means- and indeed harsh as the original 009). It is just a $ and 'build the brand' side-load, even if a relatively small one. The Committee at Stax, the Japanese operators, Meguro, and Edifier were at odds..., mulling development and the eventual- as in seemingly somewhat up in the air, release of whatever product iteration is to succeed the 009/S.. I should qualify and say the 009 is still good, I simply have preferred given/in time what their 009S (product iteration) brought to market, not that I should say anything there. Certainly the successor will be better, but how much better will they choose to let on. The 'S' is 'alright' to pretty good already.
  7. Still waiting, Sum 41, Give It All rise against, Mr Brightside the killers. .
  8. I shall be sure to be (much) more careful
  9. That was meant to be mine and wasn't deburred. I bailed and you got the chassis as was. Not perfect. But it was $55 and at that moment I felt it was running hot.
  10. Well I know it was pleasureable and whatever garbage means (largely bad solder joints). I should edit above, but I only used "Rebecca" to purchase an srs 001 unit from Birgir at full pop. I am sorry and glad that things played out the way they did.
  11. What the fuck. Thanks Kevin. I'm paying trubrew back with interest, I sourced Les Barwick his entire T2 to NZ, bag by bag. I've done nothing but decent things for people. It was 8 years ago. ..And I was barely 17. And it was $500 I didn't have at the time. And I sold the ca 2300 of assembled parts to you for $950. So I wasn't perfect. I'M not perfect. I'm paying TruBrew BACK. And I didn't run off with cash (like Tran and egregiously sell people 5500$ T2 kits to boot, as Swampsong did share. I want to again say thank you for buying the parts at the time by the way. For fuck sakes. Here we have gone again. God damned some things never get too old! For the love of god please move past it. I shouldn't be the whipping boy today. I did refund Sridhar all his money. I just could not pay Trubrew back for a prepaid Comission/Ordnance, a downpayment in good faith at that time in my life. I SIMPLY did NOT have the money at that time. What more is there to understand?
  12. Do not know if Georgp still has any, though recall there was a group buy some while ago. If you're running your/any Sato-Denki order I would like in! *remembered those were for standard amp-boardsets*
  13. Would enjoy photo's of the view from Spritzer's porch-patio. Stacking up as (maybe?) sublime.
  14. Suddenly I'm yearning of a speaker stand. Adjustable, and some marble, quartzite, or granite goes on top of a welded steel plate... Crank needs to be kind of wide-base, much like this. Don't know if anybody else is quietly itching to death for something like this... In case I was unclear I intend to remove any tabletop should one already come with the crank-shaft, and-dubbed "Über-weld" a muscular 3/8 or 1/4 steel plate (no commercial TIG-station setup, so I will convert uberamp for appropriate duty) that ~21' or therabout tile or stone will bond with or rest-on, so it's adjustable at command, even to different speakers or room layout. Yet all coupled fairly well, not to mention (largely, rather) stable, with the floor! Secondly, does anyone know if there's play [any oft-looseness] in such a crank-stand shaft idea wherein weight is on the stand? Say 150lbs? TICE advice?
  15. Duty cycle estimate? ..Seriously; Don't yet own a mig, tig or stick yet. Inaugural use for an adjustable stone-top speaker stand fastened to standing-shaft über-welded steel plate? I just need to find the wide base hand-Crank.
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