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  1. Birgir could be right about the inner pad diameter being too large. In point, the Omega pads were quite a bit smaller than the 90mm active area. There's some reverberation bouncing off the side of your head because the pads are so large in diameter to the point that they don't come off very integrated and direct; the soundstage imaging rubs as sort of strange, all thoughts without any of the "tuning" foams in them.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly~!, I have the 001 tips for the 001 and electrodes (driver) in the 001 and 003mkii are identical. I will mail you my large 003 eartips if you'd like, if you still have your 003(mki or mkii?). I put 003mkii medium sized tips on the 001 because that was an improvement in comfort too. The 002/mkii tips are an improvement because they enable/provide a larger inner canal opening diameter. I'll try to post pictures of the large opening with the 002/003 mkii tips for anybody interested. Only the diaphragm -and the eartips differ. It would be interesting to know if other tip
  3. I can't speak to 003 COMFORT[post!] for others, BUT so long as I am sure that weight of the iems are on top of the head rather than the ear canals, I find they don't fatigue the ear canals physically at all. I agree that they may be uncomfortable at the ear canal, whenever the weight of the headband is in the ear canal rather than on top of the head. And they're still not quite perfect even that way, but are more comfortable [I have small ear canals, but they are not uncomfortable when appropriately worn]: that is the exchange of not having a headphone around the ears on the jaw, and when worn
  4. Thoughts on Dan's Voce: I was Dude500 on Headfi (before banned for once being Hennyo), and stand by what I said about them on the first page of the brief Voce thread. They're not "bad" electrostats, but imaging is not quite there. Maybe the larger driver itself is what resolves less well than the smaller 009 or it's the stator design or the diaphragm. To my ears they're NOT as resolving as the 009, or 009S from BHSE and a -very nice sounding- DAVE dac, which Dan endorses.. I doubt the sound exactly-quite stands up to 3k. The 009 electrode I believe are (perforation pattern, ALSO sm
  5. There are some people at SBAF (and Head-Fi) who have taped around the pad perimeter and at the small plastic-baffle through-holes and maybe, (I can't seem to remember) posted measurements at SBAF on sealing and sub-bass response and found the 25hz response to get even more flat, (less 'rolled off' in the 45hz and below region, not that the L300 Lambda is to be terribly concerned about to begin with imo)... --From what I've read as well as have heard by word of mouth (Alan Lin from/at The Source, and Miceblue who recently went to an AZ meet, and posted measurements at SuperBestAudioFriends -) t
  6. And the 009S diaphragm is probably honestly better anyway (leaner, seemingly faster transient decay, if not as "tone appropriate" -whatever that means- and indeed harsh as the original 009). It is just a $ and 'build the brand' side-load, even if a relatively small one. The Committee at Stax, the Japanese operators, Meguro, and Edifier were at odds..., mulling development and the eventual- as in seemingly somewhat up in the air, release of whatever product iteration is to succeed the 009/S.. I should qualify and say the 009 is still good, I simply have preferred given/in time what their 009S (
  7. Still waiting, Sum 41, Give It All rise against, Mr Brightside the killers. .
  8. I shall be sure to be (much) more careful
  9. That was meant to be mine and wasn't deburred. I bailed and you got the chassis as was. Not perfect. But it was $55 and at that moment I felt it was running hot.
  10. Well I know it was pleasureable and whatever garbage means (largely bad solder joints). I should edit above, but I only used "Rebecca" to purchase an srs 001 unit from Birgir at full pop. I am sorry and glad that things played out the way they did.
  11. What the fuck. Thanks Kevin. I'm paying trubrew back with interest, I sourced Les Barwick his entire T2 to NZ, bag by bag. I've done nothing but decent things for people. It was 8 years ago. ..And I was barely 17. And it was $500 I didn't have at the time. And I sold the ca 2300 of assembled parts to you for $950. So I wasn't perfect. I'M not perfect. I'm paying TruBrew BACK. And I didn't run off with cash (like Tran and egregiously sell people 5500$ T2 kits to boot, as Swampsong did share. I want to again say thank you for buying the parts at the time by the way. For f
  12. Do not know if Georgp still has any, though recall there was a group buy some while ago. If you're running your/any Sato-Denki order I would like in! *remembered those were for standard amp-boardsets*
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