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  1. Working on a cross cut sled. I am going with 24” wide as I think that is about as big as I can manage on the TS. How thick are you guys making your fences on the crosscut sleds? I glued up two 3/4” BB plywood pieces and plan to add a block where the blade lines up. Is 1.5” thick enough for the squared fence?
  2. Evidently the sole support guy for Incra is named Barry, and he also never answers the phone and takes forever to return calls. Sort of a Texas Jessem.
  3. Went through the rudimentary setup for the Jobsite Pro. Got most things straight except the fence is not 90 degrees to the table and that is not something they seem to allow you to adjust.
  4. Decided to keep the crappy table saw short term as the addition to the house is going to have to be done with the extra 3 car garage to fit the big saw I want. Got the Incra mitre gauge thing which I am not terribly impressed with as two of the three mitre rail tightening screws will not turn at all so the thing cannot be tightened in the mitre slots. The Sawstop seems to be decent outside of the top, it scratches every time something touches it. Hopefully the construction happens quickly so I can trash this thing. Going to try to make a usable sled to do some cuts tomorrow a
  5. Opened up the box enough to see it all feels super cheap and cheesy. Going to take it back and rethink this.
  6. I think it might fit here, and there is no fucking way I would have been able to drag the contractor saw at 430 lbs out of the back of the fucking Audi.
  7. Going to take some serious planning just to get this little fucker in here.
  8. I am sure it is going to suck, but I could not come up with 60” of space in the single car space with all the crap I already have.
  9. It actually takes less. I had the Contractor Saw with the 36” T-Glide ready to go but at 400+ lbs I am not sure I would ever get it out of the back of the Audi. Think I am going cheap and getting the crappy Jobsite Pro.
  10. Okay, Rockler has all three (PCS, Contractor and Jobsite Pro) in stock. For someone that works maybe a weekend a month on projects, am I getting enough benefit from the PCS over the others to give up all the extra space in the garage?
  11. Thanks everyone. The sun came out for a bit and it got up to -17 windchill for a few minutes. It was glorious.
  12. Nah, the advice is well-needed, I just tend to suck at this stuff so not sure I need to invest this much into a device that I will surely suck at using.
  13. Good to know. Thanks for all the info.
  14. Is it the center of a shitty two car garage with a large curb around the parking spaces intended to keep stupid people in Illinois from killing themselves when they forgot to turn off their cars when the go in the house? Also, is it the center of a half-assed, screws up more than it gets right woodshop?
  15. Going to gather up all the gift cards and go shop for table saws tomorrow I guess. Think the biggest I can reasonably do is 36” and need to decide if the 230v 3HP is must have since I would need new circuits in the garage.
  16. If anyone is in the market, Festool Recon is blowing up today with deals. https://www.festoolrecon.com
  17. If I was going to get a SawStop it would be one of the bigger ones. I played with the little one and it seemed to be a dramatic drop down from the big ones for not too dramatic a difference in deployed size or cost.
  18. I think mine is less of a calibration issue and more of a wrong tool for the job. Tried to be cheap and buy one huge 2 1/4” chamfer bit and just use the fence and lift to get the cuts I need. This however leaves a very wide gap between the fence parts and not having the expertise to apply pressure in the right places let it wobble on the bit periodically, causing shit to happen.
  19. Do not have one. The worm drive one had some serious wobbles that made it want to walk so I returned it.
  20. Very nice. I gave up on my project as I cannot get anything remotely uniform with the Mast-R-Fence. Even with the longer board attached still hitting the outfeed fence way too often with the Clear Cut stock guides in place.
  21. “At the direction of my legal counsel, I wrote off all purchased-for-review materials” I like it. Going to try the murder machine again this morning with the sacrificial long board taped on to make some waterfall Cherry, Zebra wood and Walnut desk accessories.
  22. Tested the BT hearing protection options, 3M Worktunes, IsoTunes Link, IsoTunes Free and because I wanted to throw them in AirPod Pros. Winner in every category, AirPod Pros. Better sound canceling, comfort and dramatically better sound quality. I guess I should have tried them before buying all these.
  23. I think Doug has the right idea with the sacrificial piece. It will be several vertical mortise joints for 4x4 boxes that are 5” high so several 4” mitre cuts.
  24. Any of you wood guys have ideas for a logistical problem I am facing? I would like to use the router table to make perfect mitres for .5” hardwoods. My issue is the small size of the boards for this project. They are only four inches and with the gap in the fence for the chamfer bit, it is way too likely to get caught on the other side of the fence because it pivots while running it across the gap. I see people have built sleds, but I figured there would have to be a commercial option that is faster but I am only finding coping sleds.
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