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  1. After several redesigns during construction I ended up with a multi-use storage cart. Need to finish it off with some French cleats on each side and decide if I Arm-R-Seal it or just use Shellac like the MDF top.
  2. Threw together a scrap wood shooting board for the 62. Did the whole Rob Cosman build with the tape to keep glue up from warping the mdf. Seemed to work well.
  3. Went and picked up the router and table saw equipment to try building these joints on each. Went to put the Jessem Micro Fence Adjust on my table to find the Amazon seller did not include the screws and I am too lazy to figure out Dado blades tonight so I guess the drawers will wait.
  4. I decided to ditch the Kreg and pre-ordered this fancy one with more vertical orientation and supposedly less annoyance. https://castleusa.com/products/castle-110-pocket-cutter.html
  5. Determined that no how many tools you buy from Kreg to support the Pocket Hole when tightening, it is a bitch to get a square box with that twisting motherfucker holding everything together. I had the stupid clamps in every other hole and still have to set up ten other clamping systems to keep everything from twisting with the first screw. This is expounded greatly when trying to use the Micro one with 1/2” BB drawers.
  6. Stopped the cabinet project to complete the build and do the Ng 5 Cut Test for the Cross Cut Sled. Based on the accuracy with no adjustment, I am guessing I did it wrong or did not do a long enough 5th cut.
  7. Starting a new project today. Rolling, three drawer BB Plywood/MDF cabinet to stand at the end of the MFT table and have the Sjoberg Smart Workstation Pro to be mounted on top and a custom drawer to hold the hand planes below and then just supplies in the other two drawers.
  8. Thanks ordered them all. The tiny shop took its first victim today. Moving stuff around the mitre saw got too close to the garage door and when said door was opened the mitre locking bolt with the plastic handle got a bit bent when the door tried to lift the whole fucking saw off the floor. Seems to still work but fairly goofy operation now. I hate this shithole house.
  9. Question for the fancy wood guys. If Lie- Nielsen lists something in stock, is it actually in stock or will I get an out of stock notice shortly after ordering? I have the Block Plane and the No62 in the cart as they both appear to be in stock, but I am still waiting for the Bridge City one that appeared to be in stock when I bought it.
  10. Survived the Murder Machine again. Seems I should have gone with a much more open ring kit as the chips got all packed into the groove.
  11. Well, the Festool track worked well for the plywood cuts, but the fence is a bit tall so I it comes down to making several cuts on the table saw or the router table for this top mounted track. Seems to me like going up a 1/4” at a time should be manageable on the router table. Oh, also added my sidearm and marking dagger to the apronlet this morning. Shit is getting serious up in here.
  12. Has everyone ordered their Alien woodworking helmet?
  13. Happy Birthday Steve! I had two Irish Coffees to celebrate the momentous occasion this morning.
  14. And my Katz Moses stop blocks and apronlet showed up just in time to get this all built up.
  15. Made the mistake of trying to work my way up to 3/8” on the first one to make sure I did not big it down and my failures in fractions left the rail just below the surface. Just did the full 3/8 on the second one and it is perfect. Not sure if I need a 1/16”ish shim under the first one or not.
  16. Sure. For only $500+ I can have a device July 6th and I can manually do what 6 different machines in my garage can do for me today. πŸ˜ƒ My biggest issue is remembering how to work the Festool routers and finding the proper collets and track mounting peripherals.
  17. I have a Dado blade, just not the SawStop insert for it as they are on back order evidently.
  18. Glad we are still on the router topic. I need to use the 3/4” bit to routerize grooves for T Tracks. Better to set it on the table and run it along the fence or set up the Festool router to run along the track saw track for cutting these grooves?
  19. Yeah, the Jessem lift is so Purty I do not want it caked up with dust. I use a straight edge to line the bearing with the fence, so it is technically being used, just no reason that I can come up with to not use the fence.
  20. I think there is deliberate slop in the mounting system to make up for measurement failures if they are small. Need to route out some T Track slots on the base before I start mounting anything anyway. Garage is so cold work is happening in only short windows. I use the Grrrrriprrr on everything. Seems pretty great. I have been looking for the blocks to use at the router table but have not found them yet.
  21. I kind of like the idea of shop made rails as you just lay the sled down on them with some glue and everything is perfectly aligned. With these I guess I have to measure the distance between rails and add 3/8 for the mounting position. With a crappy plastic top, not sure the mitre slots will be uniform.
  22. Is anyone using these Zeroplay mitre bars? Seem like a nice way to get them set right, but they seem kind of short for the larger sled. https://www.microjig.com/collections/zeroplay
  23. Set up the Murder Machine with its tiniest bit for an almost imperceptible to the eye round over for the sled tops.
  24. Another stupid question. As I do not want to set off the saw stop safety features. How long do I need to wait after glue up to start cutting down the two pieces of plywood? Been drying for 4-5 hours.
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