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  1. I only used the block plane to put a tiny chamfer on the edges I think. I have not even figured out how to use the adjustment doohickeys on that one yet. Is that the Bosch with 2 1/4 and wooden handles?
  2. As it appears that the big Milwaukee router will be out of stock forever, what is another HC approved router table router I can grab for short or long term?
  3. Send me some of this fancy bag aged meat.
  4. Mike lives way down south in Illinois, I think that is Trump country, be careful. Happy Birthday Mike.
  5. Decided to try to build a hand plane holder and “over” practice making pocket holes.
  6. Do you even get out of your recliner at this point?
  7. That is pretty fucking impressive. As I do not have one of these nerd drills like everyone else, my projects are sloppier and much less impressive. That is pretty fucking impressive. As I do not have one of these nerd drills like everyone else, my projects are sloppier and much less impressive.
  8. That is fucking awesome. Does Home Depot sell these Black Magic ping pong tables?
  9. Might try this to see if this works for me.
  10. Happy Birthday Grahame
  11. I should give you all dimensions and we will do a race. Built the world’s tiniest work bench.
  12. After saying they did not exist, I found some walnut ones and these Aluminum ones. https://www.infinitytools.com/aluminum-z-c-i-for-bosch-miter-saws
  13. Need to build one myself. They do not sell a zero clearance that I have found. Need to cut the wood, shape it to fit, route out some for clearance and make it the proper depth to be level with the table.
  14. Came with a 60 tooth that was excellent at smashing, but not tuned for actually cutting. Now I need to figure out how to make a zero clearance insert without having any of the tools (bandsaw, bench top sander, skill) I actually need to make one.
  15. It is the stupid expensive one that Doug recommended. https://www.forrestblades.com/chopmaster/12-chopmaster-saw-blade-80-teeth/ Found it in stock at Woodcraft along with the tiny tool bench, Forstner Bits, Glubots and blade cleaner stuff last night.
  16. It’s a damn good thing you bought that robot driller, than would have been tough as shit to do by hand. In case anyone was wondering, I am now a Chopmaster.
  17. If I had the room, the SawStop PCS is the only one I would consider. I was leaning towards the little Pro cart one but its minimal cut capabilities did not seem worth the up charge, I guess the finger saving is the up charge. Glue Up Kit Holder for the wall. Need to run through the router and get it glued together.
  18. Jealous of the whole Sawstop setup.
  19. Looks pretty fucking fancy. Not sure what it does though. I am also doing fine carpentry today. Made it for the French cleat wall for paper towel size, so it looks kind of funny with shop towel roll.
  20. WTF does this Forrest guy do to his stick smashers to make them worth $200???
  21. I have no idea how you guys are using computers to smash sticks. I think it is something I do not want to get invested in. How many teeth do you guys like on your foldy stick smashing saws. 80? 100? 7000? Looking at some Diablos for the new stick smasher.
  22. Oh, if I only had the dainty little woodworkers hands. All built and shoved into the shitty half garage shop ready to smash shit.
  23. Took way too long to build the fucking stand for the mitre saw. What a cluster holding nuts inside of tracks with needle nose pliers while trying to feed the bolts through.
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