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  1. Oh, I tried that, the shitty fence and clamps on my mitre saw ended up working far worse than the track saw. It was really imperfect Domino application that fucked everything up.
  2. Mitre saws don’t do 30” 45 degree cuts. Need a table saw.
  3. Well, unless I find some way to make some Purple Heart wood filler for my screw-ups, I think I am about sanded 80-120-180-220 and ready to wipe on some of this Arm-R-Seal stuff. Need better attention to detail, a better way to estimate angles for the trim and probably to do more accurate 45 cuts as the track saw likes to lean. Trying to force the floor and four sides together on dominoes was not a perfect experience either, I need an apprentice. I also need to write less on the wood, pain to get it all off. Good enough for mid-century modern dog toys I guess.
  4. I think I have now officially used every piece of stick torturing equipment in my “shop” to build this one box. I had already purchased a Shellac and a UV blocking Polyurethane and I see no one recommends those so I guess I will head to the shop.
  5. Seems like a huge table for smashing sticks. What do you guys use to finish Baltic Birch projects. I have the toy box with a little bit of Purple Heart that I am about ready to finish.
  6. Makes sense, these stupid boxes take up a ton of room.
  7. Based on my experience, that threshold can be built with only a measly $17k in tool investments. Make sure you buy every accessory as well and the full Woodpecker catalog so everything comes out straight. Easy. 😁
  8. I want to go to an automatics spraying solution, as brushes are shit. This was leftover deck stain that is definitely not a high end finish.
  9. I have determined, if I want to be a woodworker, I will need an intern to do the staining. That is a tortuous pain in the balls.
  10. Not setting up a furniture shop, just building a couple of boxes.
  11. Maybe the job site pro version of that, I am not giving up a parking space for a saw.
  12. Pretty sure the 1400 has already been purchased as an XMas gift, so I have moved on to shopping for table saws now.
  13. Ended up giving up on the stupid jig saw and used a hand saw to finish the cuts as best as I could. The jig saw has such tight tolerances it is difficult just to get it prepped to function. I think it is like most Festool and massively tight out of the box and only easy to use after many hours of use. I think it will live in its box from now on as it is not worth all the hassle. The Domino is awesome and the first tool that I have gotten the fucking power cord to actually lock.
  14. So I got the toy box put together and got all the dominoes installed. Decided to take a break before changing blades to cut the 1/2” strips of Purple Heart for the edge facing. Not sure if 28 tooth or the 9 tooth panther blade is going to be used to cut these.
  15. Did you ever think about inviting Brent up to try out that mountain bike trail? It would make for some spectacular video me thinks.
  16. For the Rotex, the tiny little vacuum nub sticks out mm from the plug. I need to go door to door to see if I can find dainty women or children to lock it in for me.
  17. Worked on the dog toy box today using the track saw and the sander. Love the tools themselves, hate the power cord connector and having the vacuum hose attached as it almost always makes things more cumbersome than they should be. How the hell do people lock on the power cords, there are always placed in the worst possible place to be able to grab the connector and twist it. Only people with tiny hands can get reliable power?
  18. I think I found a decent deal on a table saw in the little town next to mine. Do you guys think I could keep this outside if I cover it with tarps when not in use? https://www.wsimachinery.com/collections/sliding-table-saws-1/products/linvincibile-si-x
  19. VPI


    Best deal I have seen on Mics, B&H has the CAD E100s for $299. So much better than the mics you guys all just bought. :-)
  20. That is fucking sexy, so much red.... I am getting dangerously close to being able to build a box, just need to hire Milo & Otis Consulting, LLP to come and show me how to use everything.
  21. That looks fantastic. You are going to be able to fit a ton of Parasound Z Series products in that thing. Are the stretchers the rods in the side? Is the motor pod going to be on a separate support structure hence the need for a riser?
  22. Yeah, talking about Steve’s comment about the Purple Heart being hard to cut. I am going to start with a dog toy chest tomorrow to figure out the domino thing.
  23. It comes with a fine tooth blade, but a universal or panther blade could be procured.
  24. The only blade I have is the one that came with the Festool track saw. Steve, do you cut out the posts to slip the shelves in there, or is that an optical illusion? I decided to upgrade to the full MFT or whatever table from Festool and got it set up tonight.
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