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  1. Where’s the smashed wood?
  2. Ready for the cleat wall, when I get around to building said cleat wall.
  3. Working on my first mount system for the French cleat tool storage wall I am doing. All built from scraps but need to run out now to get some more sticks.
  4. This one seems like a decent setup.
  5. Yeah, I should have bought a Milwaukee 5625 back when you could actually buy them. End of February at the earliest for all the places I have found that sell the big Milwaukee.
  6. Yeah, I was not sure about the weight or maintenance of a cast iron top, but the collection of obese men with canes that work at Rockler said it was the best. They did have the Saw Stop Professional 1.75hp table in stock, but only with 52” so a bit big for my space. I also almost picked up a Jet Bench Top drill press since they have 15% at the moment and it seems to be small enough to work where I want it.
  7. I am contemplating a router table as I find the ergonomics of the Festools handheld less than desirable. Think I might ditch both of those and get a table with some non-Festool router attached. Is the Rockler Pro cast iron top with their pro fence, pro stand and a Incra Masterlift worthwhile?
  8. When are you going to build your listening chair so you can actually try this system out?
  9. Whoa, I am going to have to postpone showing the finished toy box until some of this awesome stuff moves to the previous page.
  10. Everything Jet makes seems to be Taiwanese. Northfield certainly has the website of an American Made company that has never heard of Taiwan. Half the pages are broken and all of it is Jr. High project web design.
  11. I thought the table looked far better on this than on all the Taiwan crap I saw. Do not know of any Euro bench jointers.
  12. Ordered that Grizzly one, back order is pretty extreme so I assume it will show up about the time I get bored with smashing sticks into box-like formats.
  13. You must be putting your shop in a 12 car garage. I do not have room for that massive thing.
  14. I was watching videos of some 8 and 10” bench jointers from some Kentucky company. Think they are rebadged Taiwanese tools but seem to be nice and small for their capacity. Wahuda I think.
  15. Have any of you tried the simple sled/shims/hot glue option to make a jointerish device out of the planer?
  16. I was looking at that Shellix destroy stick. Seems intriguing. My plan for not messing with a jointer is twofold, I can use the jointer owned by the finish carpenter neighbor two houses down or more preferable I will build a sled to try to make the planer an efficient jointerish thing.
  17. Got the stick squasher mounted on its table. Now off to YouTube to figure out how the hell it works. The instructions say not to connect it to a shop vac, do I actually have to get another dust extraction system for this?
  18. I think Colin still has my Tape Head Repro tube output that I assume could be used with the Revox.
  19. That attaches it to the track without any play, but when angled the whole thing wants to fall over/twist the track unless you add a contraption like Doug showed.
  20. Probably Saw Stop with an integral router table.
  21. It would make more sense to me for Festool to have some system to lock the saw into the track when cutting at an angle like the competitors do.
  22. It locks in the angle no problem, but Festool provides no way to lock down the saw to the track so it wants to fall over the whole time. You then have to hold the left side of the saw down as you lean across the table trying to make a long cut so if you let up pressure the angle changes. Add to that the two arms you need to manage the vacuum hose and power cord and you need 5 arms to properly do a long 45 degree plywood cut.
  23. I actually cut the best 45 degree angles for the thin pieces with a hand saw. The track saw would do great on plywood angles if the Festool setup had some way to lock down the angle besides holding it down when the saw tries to fall over.
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