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  1. Yes Naaman, we know you have a robotic ping pong table. It would probably wake up at night and assimilate your poor hand tools in the shop and spit out some sort of abstract art. 😆 I do not have many hand tools, but I find I turn to Japanese saws far more often than the Festool for anything but rip cuts. Also reviewing how to build a shooting board to do small sizing cuts. Seems easier than using the fancy Forrest blade on the mitre saw, which by the way has awful tear out with the stock plates.
  2. I will say, I do prefer using the hand tools to the electronical ones 98% of the time. Just getting planes setup and cutting properly is half the fun. Steve you will appreciate this episode of “Making Something Simple Massively Complicated and Time Consuming”.
  3. Not necessarily. I have two 12” sticks that I wanted to split in two to make a pair of 24” side tables and I have some crooked line shit I want to do. My main thought is that the cheap Laguna is probably more than I need so there is no reason to wait months for something with an additional option or two.
  4. You need more sticks. It appears the only model of Laguna bandsaw available before the middle of the year is the little 14/Twelve or whatever. Might actually be better as it is fairly small, but does not have some of the fancy brakes and stuff of the slightly more expensive models that are on long back order.
  5. I really do not see that doing anything but creating serious suck-outs and accents across the spectrum Dusty. Easier to buy proper insulation OC-703 and build frames around them and hang them at reflection points.
  6. We got 8” on Tuesday and 11” on Saturday/Sunday so I am officially worn out from shoveling. Think I might need a snow tank.
  7. Yep. I meant to grab one of those when I was out.
  8. Yes, that’s the one with the arms, but Rockler was out of stock. I have found that Boiled Linseed Oil hates residual wood glue and I am going to need to do some serious sanding before the next round. Really digging how the BLO does with the Mahogany.
  9. They make some chisel with arms to make it easier but all the YouTube guys used what appeared to be regular chisels. You just make a whole bunch of slits and then come in from the side and clear them all out.
  10. Spent way too much time trying to chisel out a space for the hinges for the box but now that it is done, I think they look too small.
  11. By the way, i got to see the Jet and Laguna bandsaws side by side today. Definitely prefer the looks of the Laguna so might end up with one of those and their wheel system.
  12. But I bought these fancy brass nails to hold everything together. Brass is fancy as fuck. Which is why the solid brass hinges I bought today were so fucking expensive.
  13. Test fit of the bedside hardwood box for Kasia. Still need to sand, chisel for the hinges and route out some edges on the outer mahogany pieces and a finger groove on the lid and then nail it together and then seal. Birthday is tomorrow, so I am glad I got her other gifts also as this one is going to be late. just stacked up in the picture the lid and front panel will match up when I actually nail it all together.
  14. I will check them out. The YouTube guys are all recommending the IsoTunes as well.
  15. Great information, thanks. I do not know of any reason I would ever need that much cutting capacity, but I thought get as much as possible in a smaller form factor for this one. Really do not want to give up the space, but it seems I keep reaching a point in projects that a bandsaw would be very helpful. Got the router up and running, it was an overnight Caribou from Canada. Need better hearing protection as that little beast is painfully loud.
  16. Doing some last minute shopping before the Jet sale ends. Anyone know or hate the newer Jet low end 3/4 HP bandsaw with 13” re-cut that is getting such great reviews? https://www.woodcraft.com/products/14-steel-frame-band-saw-13-resaw-capacity-model-jwbs14-sfx
  17. The fence cannot be locked down without these. It is not the clamp but the twist lock handles that lock the fence in place. I could use the router free handed I guess. Spoke to Patty, parts are coming, I assume on the back of a Caribou, to finish it out.
  18. Fucking Jessem's global customer service is a woman named Patty that is either on the phone or out of the office every time you call. I should have bought a Rockler setup.
  19. I find that the Festool CT26 hooked up to the Bosch does really well for dust management. Not perfect but better than I expected with the large gap between blade and dust extraction on the Bosch. The router should be minimal CFM requirement and the Planer is not going to be great with anything I have room for in the garage. Need to break down the twin feather boards so I have infeed and outfeed feathers and need to coerce the bars into the back that allow you to use it as a jointer of sorts but I have done as much as I can without all the parts. Going to thrown on the Du
  20. Got it almost built and right at the end I realized the fucking Canadians forgot two pieces that are supposed to be mounted to the fence to where the clamps are supposed to mount so now back to waiting.
  21. I have close to zero room for this stuff. It seems to be passable at least and for the minimal amount of work I could probably just use the Festool, but it still misses quite a bit with the Mitre saw. Right now I have a large shop vac sitting under the router table that I was contemplating trying.
  22. Contemplating picking up the 1250 CFM Dust Right system at Rockler tomorrow for connection to the Planer, Saw and Router Table. Anybody have any experience or recommend something else?
  23. Still waiting on the Mast r Fence III but everything else is constructed and leveled. Really impressed with the build quality of how everything comes together.
  24. Your fault Nate, you bought studded tires. I bought a set of studded fat tires for $600 and it never snowed again the whole winter.
  25. Was able to find the Bosch in stock so to begin with, it will be mounted in the Jessem Table.
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