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  1. That was hilarious or sad .
  2. I really like DP #18 disc 2. Really nice jams that are not too out there for me. I get lost sometimes when they go on rambles that are bizarre to me. Since I don't do drugs or drink anymore maybe i have just lost touch. I got some of the suggested albums at Hoffman and it was a bit hit and miss for me. Quality can be really poor on GD recordings. But when they were on, musicians and engineers, it's really great. I like the stuff where Donna? sings.
  3. Went to about 4 shows in the 80's, was never a Deadhead but I still listen these days and have a large Dead collection.
  4. Blackie said he would take pics of the ES-2 for me. I'll post them when I get them. On repairs he has to order a part before he makes a final evaluation. He is going to look into the PS to see if there are any issues.
  5. He has my ES-2 open right now in fact. He is 20 minutes from me. He is gonna listen after he fixes it and make some recommendations.
  6. Hi Kevin, Please do tell. At this moment right now Blackie is inside my ES-2 and I could have him fix things. Thanks. I will open up the SDS-XLR when I get the ES-2 back and I will probably open up the ES-2 as well.
  7. Thank you. I was afraid of this, that's why I asked. I know the amp section is that way, but I thought the PS would be from the top. I guess I did not say it was the PS I was opening in the question. Still the same answer?
  8. I'm gonna open up my SDS-XLR to get pics. I took off all the screws on the top plate, and it is still affixed. There are two screws between the middle and back edge of the top. I was afraid to take these off for fear that something would drop inside. But do you think these are attached to some sort of internal posts. Thoughts please?
  9. Yeah, Earl's solution is probably the best, thanks everyone.
  10. Good points Elephas. That same thought is on my mind now. But his prices are ridiculous.
  11. Ok, I think I figured it out. The reason the adapters are so loose is that the pins on the adapter are slightly thinner than the 6SN7 pins, hence not a great connection. Is there anything that can be done or should I just try a different adapter? Can I tighten the socket pin holes? Maybe I can pinch together the copper parts in the socket holes?
  12. The pins do seem to be a bit longer on the adapters.
  13. Nate, thank you for checking. It seems strange to me too.
  14. My other tubes, 6SN7s fit snugly. These adapters seem quite loose, like the pins are not touching correctly. On the first set I thought it was due to bent pins, but now that does not seem correct. Cory is a really nice and helpful person so I don't want to send them back. The problem could be with my amp.
  15. I got these cheap adapters on ebay from a real nice guy, but they are not working right. I know, you get what you pay for. He replaced the 1st pair with the same problem. I think I see the issue now. The pins are not the same length and are rocking in my sockets creating a static-like noise. I think the longer pin (1st picture right tube middle) is bottoming out in the socket? And the other pins have junk on the ends, solder? Can I just make the pins even length by sanding, grinder, snips, or another method? Is it possible to make them too short?
  16. Yeah, third party shipper is no excuse. Mikhail is definitely a big liar.
  17. Not to protect him in any way, shape, or form, but he has told me he uses a third party shipper place, like mailboxes etc. or something to that effect.
  18. Yeah, I was nervous, but they still work . They definitely need some foam in there to sound right again.
  19. OK, I cleaned them up a little today. Still plenty to be done but they look better. Those three screws holding things down would not budge and i didn't want to strip them. I think I'll let Alex do the rest. How do you like the wiring job on the left one?
  20. Thanks a lot, I just asked Mikhail if both of the urethane parts come with the foam i bought from him.
  21. Yeah, we talked about this but he never made a decision and never asked me about sending them in to be recabled. It is obviously not Alex's fault in the least. Please make an exception one last time. I'll do the cleaning.
  22. Torpedo, Thanks for the instructions. I do think i will try to clean them myself before I send them for recabling. I'll let Alex put the pads on if he agrees to recable.
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