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    I was born, lived a while and now I'm here.
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    IT consultant. Coach. Counselor.
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    Atax O2; AKG K1000; Grado PS-1; JVC DX1000; Balanced HD650/APSv3; SE HD650/RAL; AKG K340; ATH W10VTG; Grado GS1000; Grado SR325i(modded); AKG K240/sextett; Kenwood KH-K1000; Denon D2000; Deep cup Darth Beyer; HD414/black; HD414/grey; AKG K81DJ; Sleek SA6; ER4p/S; Yuin PK1
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    Rudistor RPX-100; Rudistor Egmont; Corda Prehead mkII SE; MF X-CAN v8; Earmax Pro; RSA Stealth; Headroom Micro/desktop
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    Sources:Linn LP12/Ittock/TrackMarantz CD12/DA12 LELinn KlassikPC/M-audio Transit/JOBS DA48
  1. Kees

    Audeze LCD-2

    Yes they come with a pretty case.
  2. The second picture had a longer exposure than the first.
  3. I'll be really glad when all of you can lead a happy life "Where the grass is greener". All the best wishes from an almost stranger. I'm also happy to say that there are places in the world (and I'm glad I live in one of them) where this is just not an item at all....
  4. My balanced Sonett didn't manage to drive my HE-5. Just not enough power (both voltage and current).
  5. Kees

    Beyer T1

    The HD800 was the first and had therefore much more hype value than the T1. The posts about the T1 (especially from Skylab) make a much more mature and knowledgeable impression on me. That is also due to the fact that he posted a lot more valuable opinions than most of us, which makes it easy to relate his opinion to my own assessments. There is no "get-it-right". There is only "opinion and impressions". And some opinions and impressions are, for me, easier to relate to than others.
  6. I was promissed they would ship last week, I heard nothing yet though.
  7. Happy Birthday Laine!
  8. Kees

    Doggy thread

    Meet Mickey. She is several thoroughbreds in one package. She's cute. And she knows it.
  9. Hoi Indra, gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Doe wat leuks!
  10. Kees

    who here likes rap?

    Maybe that is why it's dying? Just kidding. I've tried to listen to it from time to time, but it doesn't do it for me. Would anybody care to tell what it is they like in rap that is not in other music?
  11. Thanks. I am very interested in the Audeze planars. The Spectral 2000 is very detailed and clear, but definitely lacks body in the lower regions. Seems it wouldn't be (IMO) the most ideal source for the Audeze.
  12. Single ended inputs, also for the balanced amp?
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