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    Sony ECR 500, Koss ESP6A, Beyerdynamic ET1000, Stax SR-3N, Stax SR-5, Stax SR-5NB, Stax SR-404, Stax SR-X Mk3 Pro, Stax SR-Lambda Pro, Stax Lambda Sig, Stax Sigma Pro, Jecklin Float Electrostatic PS2, Superex PEP-74, Superex PEP-81, Superex EP-5, Koss ESP10, Fostex T10, Fostex T20v1, Fostex T40v1, Concept CE-H, Realistic Pro 30, AKG K340, Altec Lansing iM716, Etymotic ER6i, Audio Technica AT-702 120R SFI
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  1. Hey just remembered today, we had a little discussion some time ago about "Yamaha NS-1000", I was a bit drunk and misread, and confused it with "NS-10", so I was talking about the studio monitor NS-10.

    Sorry for that.

    PS: Nice "hat".

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