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  1. iTunes on my Macbook Pro and G5 tower definitely feels much lighter and faster than the same version on my Windows PC at work. The font rendering and menu location is different too (both inferior on the Windows version).
  2. The only Ultrasone I've spent any time with is the HFI 2200. I don't think they were outright bad, but the sound was very insipid. They were okay for some casual listening and didn't have any really grating flaws that would make me want to throw them off my head in disgust, but I don't think they're worth the asking price in any sense.
  3. Sure, I get what you're saying. As long as the efficiency is good though I'm always more than happy to overshoot power needs. I mean I wouldn't want to run one of these over 325W personally...
  4. I don't think that power supply is overkill by any means. You don't actually want to buy a supply that only barely matches up with your usage. Running a PSU well under it's rating means it stays cool, quiet and unstressed while providing stable voltages. When used that way efficiency is the most important aspect of the supply and those Corsairs are over 80% efficient at 20%, 50% and 100% load. They probably waste less power than many of the cheaper brands do with far lower wattage ratings. As if that wasn't enough reason, power supplies also degrade over time. I've yet to see actual measured numbers, but have seen "5% a year" thrown around as an estimate. Looks like a pretty great machine you've got there Billy.
  5. My Macbook Pro started doing that soon after it fell out of warranty and it just kept getting worse over time. I can still get it to read the occasional disc, but it just spits the majority of them back out now. I don't really care too much as I only ever use it for installing operating systems. It's one of those Matshushita drives.
  6. As an addendum to that, there are really only three distinct wifi channels that do not overlap with others. These are channels 1, 6 and 11. The lower channels work at lower frequencies and hence tend to be more reliable and have better range. Also the internal antenna will be tuned for one specific channel and as far as I'm aware this is usually channel 6. So other factors aside channel 6 is probably the best choice if you don't have other networks to worry about. Personally though I find my network performs best using channel 1 since the other networks nearby tend to use either 11 or 6. There's simply less interference for me on channel 1. YMMV.
  7. Is this with newer drivers or something? The two cards were pretty close in all the benchmarks I've seen and if anything favored the 4870 slightly. The 4870 can be pretty noisy with it's stock fan though which would make me think twice about it.
  8. Definitely looks impressive. I'm not going to go up to a 5870 just yet myself as I've got a 4890 which isn't really being stressed by any games currently. My card has a Vapor-X cooler so neither heat or noise are much of a problem. I've not seen any driver issues either with any of the games I play although I can understand people not liking the Catalyst Control Center. I think a lot of what gets classified as driver issues are actually bad Direct X installs. For those waiting NVidia does have a new GPU on the way soon too. I think it's due Oct/Nov. ATI has been beating them on price/performance for some time though.
  9. I think I must have had a mental lapse there or something. It really should have been obvious to me given the songs in the list. The dates were all over the article even. I'm reasonably fond of this decade's releases so far.
  10. *raises hand* I hate U2. I know a little under half the tracks on that list and there's definitely some good stuff in there. Doesn't change my opinion that the 90s was one of the poorer decades for music though.
  11. Happy Birthday! 40 eh? That's got to warrant more of a celebration than usual.
  12. mirumu

    slow forum

    I liked this variant too...
  13. Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one!
  14. This is with firmware 3.1 or 3.1.1 I take it? That document I linked to was written around the time firmware 3.0 was released and supposedly applies to at least the iPod Touch so I guess it's possible they broke something with the new firmware or iTunes 9. If so I hope they fix it.
  15. Maybe I'm missing something here, but isn't configuring an iPod/iPhone to work with multiple computers simply a matter of setting it to manual mode? Using iPod with multiple computers It makes sense that you can't do it automatic mode since you're not syncing with one music library.
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