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  1. The fucking price is retarded! And what's worse, I'm actually figuring out a way to buy a set anyway. Motherfuckers!
  2. Jesus Christ, what a bunch of shit. Music is what you make of it. I have been poor and heard music through shit components, and I have had money and had less enjoyment at times, whether it be spending too much or trying to keep up with trendy technology. Nor do I need to be driven to one format because of my surroundings. All you need is a pair of ears and open mind. Losing high end will not come from the advent of certain products, but it just may happen if people buy into shitty articles like that.
  3. So, here I am in Singapore a few months removed from a purchase of SR-009's and an epiphany and visit to Spritzer's pad, and here I go buying a pair of Abyss. Now it may be the $1000 Macallan with the goddaman Vicodins, but these fuckers actually sound good - really good - now I could use some conventional amp advice. My prototype Krell is still sounding the best. Thinking of the Moon - talk to me before I spend again...............
  4. I froze my ass off in a dark field in Iceland and didn't see any fucking Northern Lights.
  5. One of Spritzer's for the ship and a BHSE for the house. I'm off to Spritzer's tomorrow to check out the amps.
  6. I just found this on line today. Has anyone heard one yet?
  7. I've never heard one, I can't wait to hear Birgir's tomorrow!
  8. Thanks, I'm excited about getting back in the serious electrostaticworld.
  9. After a two year headphone hiatus, I'm back, having just purchased some SR-009's, coupled with being in Reykjavik and finally meeting Spritzer in person. His hospitality has been great and I'm thrilled to have the new headphones; on the downside, I'm going to need a fuck-ton of money to properly amplify my electrostatic collection. So, before you think of giving to UNICEF or some Ebola research site, please contact me - I'm not sick and I need amp money!
  10. The 3.7 has just been released at ~$5600.
  11. New amps for my Maggie 20.1's http://cgim.audiogon.com/i/vs/i/f/1271669156.jpg
  12. I am also auditioning Crystal and Siltech USB cables that seem promising.
  13. A new chip and firmware I think. It was just offered to me, and is brand new. I would check with your dealer. It will handle 192 such as RR HRX recordings.
  14. I just took mine into Norman Audio in Singapore for for the hi rez 192 upgrade. Has anyone else done this? Bob
  15. Van den Hul Myrtlewood Colibir - One of 12 made.
  16. He did the entire "Scratch My Back" for the first set, and then followed with a set of conventional tunes.
  17. This one was without conventional musicians, and backed up by an orchestra. Of the five times I have seen him, this ranks very high!
  18. For sale on the post via necessity:
  19. I put this in the wrong thread, it is replacing my Spectral DMA 50.
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