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  1. Happy Birthday Jeff! Hope you have a great one!
  2. RIP Jessica. Sorry Dusty. FUCK CANCER.
  3. Ran my RE71R race tires in snow the other day. Went fine but I will put the winters on at some point. Buying new race rubber for next season so have been daily driving these before they go in the trash.
  4. Happy belated Thanksgiving all
  5. Deepest condolences Antonio, Mikey and Wayne. Sorry I'm late saying so.
  6. Brent reminded me that I suck and don't come here very often. Thanks all for well wishes and especially Brent for the reminder to check. Work is going well but very hectic and I just don't have as much time to look at the web or even listen to my office rig as I used to. I'm up for a promotion which would change my job to more consistent tasks and less hectic but I doubt I'll get it. Had a good birthday, family and fishing isn't a bad way to spend a day
  7. Thanks Al. Yes it is mostly good. I have a boss who is super supportive of what I am trying to achieve. Just overwhelming at times.
  8. Done. Sorry I haven't been around. Work is crazy fucking busy. As of last week I am permanently the Chief Engineer and Director of S&T (usually two different folks) for my department of 750ish folks. Also just became an associate editor of a moderately important journal in my field.
  9. Happy Birthday Shelly!
  10. I hope those repairs last for you Your dedication to straight line speed is epic.
  11. Looks awesome Adam. I moved much of my crap into my new office this week and I know a fraction of your pain. The satisfaction at the end is great.
  12. Tried out my hand at slow smoked salmon. I liked it but possibly too smokey. Definetly not my wife's thing but my kids wolfed it down.
  13. Heal up HCers! As always, I wish doom and unmitigated failure to he who eats biscuits (aka Fat Che).
  14. Life goal: Have equivalent garage consisting of rally car for actual racing and something ridiculous for during the week.
  15. They arrived. Now to get them installed. Edit: going to hold off for a bit given the condition of the roads around here right now.
  16. Got word today that ProPartsUSA has finished my double adjustable shock conversion on my front shocks. Should ship to me on Thursday or Friday. Should be fun. They sent me the shock dyno charts but I really don't know what to do with them.
  17. I may try that next time or just do ribs and pork and keep beef in the oven/sous-vide/grill like I like it.
  18. Did a dry rub with brown sugar for about 10 hours. Hickory smoke. I tried for 1/4" though that was probably 1/3". It's a small brisket of only 3.5 lbs or so it looks bigger. It was better than some restaurants I've been to but that's not a high bar.
  19. My first attempt at smoked brisket. Was pretty good but reminded me that I am not a huge brisket fan. Lots of learning to do.
  20. I know nothing of bikes and this just came up through a search but you may want to look at the Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT. https://www.cycleworld.com/2015/07/13/kawasaki-versys-1000-lt-vs-yamaha-fj-09-sport-tourer-motorcycle-comparison-test-review-photos-specifications
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