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  1. Deepak and Mike, your skin is pretty thin. I guess you guys can dish it out but you cant take it.
  2. So what did happen to Kirosia? BTW: I am always chilled until someone starts acting like a douche.
  3. Me? Or Deepak? http://www.head-case.org/forums/off-topic/6639-kirosia.html#post251515
  4. Jeepster


    What happened to Kirosia, someone at HF banned him.
  5. I pictured using a large knife to pry open the pine coffin it comes in!
  6. See the inside of that new ALO (Amphora) bullshit?
  7. Jeepster

    slow forum

    How do you know when its time to wash your ass?
  8. http://www.wahl-store.com/product_detail.asp?T1=WAH%205567-200
  9. Same here, directtv for television and cable for internet, cable is the way to go, I had verison DSL and had the same type of issues you had. Hell, they even disconnected me a few times when going to install for a neighbor and left me paying for a pile of shit in my hand.
  10. Smooth Plate Telefunken's will give you the nice bass of the Mullard but they have nice detailed highs and big sound stage, kinda 701ish but nothing harsh. I did install some Sylvania gold pin drivers to smooth out the Tele a bit and that is a real good pairing as apposed to the Tele and the Tungsols.
  11. Whats the advantage of the nose and mouth model?
  12. Those are the box plated yes? If so I would like to see what you think of them compared to the smooth telefunken.
  13. Why the hell would you send your cans to a guy you dont know?
  14. These look nice. 1 pair $130) 11.1/11.5 1984 and 11.6/11.7 1983 Tubeworld
  15. He could say "I have included the fist attachment for your vibrator at no extra cost".
  16. When were these headphones sent in to SinglePower?
  17. Why would head-fi do that when they have Audiophilechina.com as a continued Premier sponsor in spite of the shitty things they are doing for customers? Maybe some of these lawyers should get with Jude and form a better contract for getting a sponsorship and remaining a sponsor?
  18. You guys think people will buy 1400 dollar Sennheiser cords? What happens when the price of the headphones drop, SAA going to drop their price too?
  19. Tyrion, I just wanted to add that Mikhails reputation for bullshit is not new and was not outed in the recent threads on HF. The problems were there for all the current customers to read about for quite some time. Here is an example. SinglePower worth the trouble? - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio
  20. You may want to try the programable Logitech remotes, if that CD player is in their database then your good to go.
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