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  1. So sorry Steve. May Shaun RIP
  2. Not crazy about the show in the round. The screens lift up and of course lot's of political images and dialog on screen. My problem is I was up high (didn't quite qualify for nose bleed) with seats at the rail. Could not see the other side of the stage from my vantage point. Perhaps you could with lower seats. Not sure if I it is because I'm not used to in the round or that the stage facing the audience is actually a better experience. Roger is 78 years old. Missed some vocals and the people I talked to said it was his most politcal show yet. Enjoyed the show.
  3. Check out this gallery from Detroit Free Press: Michigan native makes headphones for anxious dogs https://www.freep.com/picture-gallery/news/local/michigan/detroit/2022/06/28/michigan-native-makes-headphones-anxious-dogs/7602013001/
  4. Yesterday morning first day mowing on the golf course. 40F to start. 39F four hours later when I finished.
  5. Major defeat for Russia.
  6. Try the Bellini Boost Charge Pro 3 in 1 charger.
  7. Thank you for making this roast available to us. Great roast, great flavor and great brew. Well done!
  8. Heal well and heal quickly Steve. My 85 yr old uncle accidentally cut his middle finger off at the first knuckle. Stopped. Cleaned up the shop. Cleaned himself up. Then drove to ER. The finger was too badly mangled to reattach. Came home and finished his project that night before calling it a day.
  9. Been using a pellet grill for 7 years. The more I smoke the less rub I seem to use. Brisket and ribs - 50/50 salt & pepper beef - Montreal Steak pork - Smokehouse maple or a strawberry glaze chicken - Chef’s miracle blend or bbq sauce Any food grade pellet works but I like BBQer’s Delight. Less ash more heat. Typically Jack Daniels or the Competition blend. Order 4 bags delivered direct. I do have my own rubs as well. Ribs and brisket are popular but my favorite is smoked Mac and cheese
  10. Moving Art No narration. Stunning videography set to music.
  11. 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything May only be relevant to me and those older than I am. Graduated from high school in 1971 so the people and events are very real for me.
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