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  1. An oldie but goodie. Thanks Jim!
  2. Nice deal. Might have jumped on that but Shelly gave up her extra M51. Don't know if it will replace the Opus 21 or not. Listen to Raising Sand last night on the Opus. OMG.
  3. Thanks Nate & Rob & Jim. My dilemma. I really like the Opus 21. Not entirely convinced a newer dac is better. I forgot to mention the brooklyn dac+ . also on my short list of current models to consider. PM sent re the m51. thanks!
  4. Unable to demo docs locally so at my usual disadvantage. Haven't been to a meet since the last one I held. Need your help. Currently using a Resolution Audio Opus 21 primarily as a da converter paired with a luxman p1 (love the amp). Handles 44/16 & 96/24. Library is split between redbook (physical cds) and downloads (most 96/24). Question #1. Is there much difference between the Opus 21 (burr brown 1704 chipset) and current da converters? Before my divorce hoped to buy a NAD M51 (hey Shelly, care to talk about your spare?). I was able to hear and like that dac. Current DACs the Chord Qutest and Benchmark Dac3 seem to be within my budget and possibilities I care more about a musical presentation than 100% accuracy so I'm guessing the Benchmark is probably not for me. Question #2. Am I on the right track? I'm not really concerned about DSD or MQA and doubt I can hear a difference anymore beyond 96/24. Sad to own up to the fact that I can't hear like I used to.
  5. The Traeger looked fine when I looked online. When I bought my Memphis (end of year) I really wanted a Yoder but they didn't have any available. Probably 50% more than the Ironwood 650 but built like a tank with nice goodies on it. This is HC after all
  6. A lot can change in 2-3 years. Back then they literally reviewed every grill you could purchase in the U.S. Might want to check their archives.
  7. Shelly & Nate, you might want to head over to amazing ribs.com & check out their reviews. When I was looking they were my most reliable source. Shelly, they like the FireBoard FBX11 & give it high marks Nate, I didn't see your grill listed. You can take a 30 day trial membership and search the site and look in the forums. Lots of useful info and recipes.
  8. It's been a couple of years so I may not be current, but I like the blazngrillworks Al suggested or the Flame boss 400 https://www.bbqguys.com/flame-boss/400-wifi-smoker-controller-w-universal-adapter-kit-fb400-u?utm_source=google&utm_medium=paid&utm_campaign=1757301804&utm_content=341652417329&utm_term=3061103&species=shopping-ad-smart&campaignid=1757301804&adgroupid=67470556263&creative=341652417329&targetid=pla-793059537741&network=u&device=c&adtype=&productchannel=online&productid=3061103&productpartitionid=793059537741&gclid=CjwKCAjw4871BRAjEiwAbxXi2zp46o5NoaAY_yD6y-zQSpDSrxkYDUtXQ3fZ4qhnKYl-70268dhHvhoC-dIQAvD_BwE
  9. If you're only going to smoke then a smoker or pellet grill are probably your best choices. I am a fan of pellet grills and use mine constantly, but use it for both grilling and smoking. My daughter's fiancé has a smoker and loves what ever he has. For your needs that may be the better option, and I know very little about a smoker. I have done briskets and ribs on the pellet smoker. I have had to refill the hopper when doing a brisket once after about 12 hours. So the deal with pellet smokers is they all work fine and all do the same thing. Things to look for once you determine the size is the PID (temperature controller) and hopper size. Once you dial in your temp you literally set it and forget it until done. If you get one then you have the fun of trying different pellets until you find what you like best and what works best in your smoker. Can also fine tune flavors like hickory, apple, jack daniels & etc. My gateway drug was a green mountain grill daniel boone. I liked the PID on it better than the Traeger at the time. Bargain basement purchase in the land of smokers but made many briskets on it. Then I went the opposite direction when I got one for the primary residence and got a Memphis. All stainless steel, top of the line PID. Not as nice as Stretch's but very nice indeed. The other top end model I looked at was MAC.
  10. Nate, are you looking to primarily smoke or are you looking to smoke &/or cook?
  11. Listening to a music festival on tv, I think it was Glastonbury 2017. Anyway I was listening to Rod Stewart sing "I don't want to talk about it". I knew I had heard the song before but someone else was singing it. Then I remembered Everything But the Girl. Listening to the album Idlewild. Once again, thank you Antonio. Forgot how much I enjoyed it.
  12. So sorry for you, Zoe and Xavier. RIP ZoeBelle.
  13. The Thrill is Gone: A Tribute to BB King on relic.com About an hour to go. Most excellent. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/bb-king-tribute-tonight/
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