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  1. I have been doing steaks and even tri-tip this way. Take it to about 20 degrees below your desired temp, wrap and remove, crank to searing temp, unwrap and sear until 5 degrees below desired temp. Remove and let rest as it will continue to cook. Serve
  2. Taste is subjective. An educated opinion from a grilling icon https://barbecuebible.com/2020/09/22/steak-three-ways-which-cooking-method-is-best/?fbclid=IwAR0iY6pOz5xvVQnqkxw_5MI3PUmqUilaGHEABGrHqYtuuMJ8w7jOb8Pj7_4
  3. Bottom left choose 'Theme', then choose 'Deflection'
  4. No pics. Did my first tri-tip on Labor Day. Served with smoked mac & cheese for the neighbor ladies. Who knew 3 petite senior ladies could put away so much food. Leftovers were one serving only. The tri-tip was ridiculously easy to make and had incredible flavor. I'll have to do another.
  5. Me too but just switched it back to dark theme.
  6. Curious, how do you fit the key fob in your wallet? I haven't had a 'key' in 6 years.
  7. Memories. When my oldest daughter was 3 I started the car to warm it. Put her in her car seat in the back. Walked around the car to leave. CLICK. As I rounded the back of the car she had managed to hit the electric lock. Have you ever tried to explain to a 3 yr old through the window how to unlock the car? Wife had the spare key and could not be reached. Called the dealership where I purchased the car. They sent someone out right away and were able to unlock it. Although it was the longest 45 minutes of my life my daughter was having the time of her life in the car.
  8. Sorry for your loss Al & Claire all who have met Mae. Wonderful companion! Nitro & I wish her well as she crosses the Rainbow Bridge.
  9. Can't speak to the egg but find steaks can be prepared to perfection on the pellet smoker. Smoke @ 225 until internal temp is about 100. Wrap in foil. Turn the heat up to 550 -600 or as high as it will go. Unwrap and put back on. Reverse sear both sides and flip as needed every 30 seconds or so until your internal temp is about 5 less than you desire. Perfect every time and you get all the smoky goodness However, like all such things, there are several ways to the perfect outcome. Use the one you like.
  10. Hills are a challenge you can overcome but never conquer. Kudos to you for attacking them with vigor.
  11. When I rode can't say as I liked either. Can think of several steep hills that kicked my butt including one on the ride home when bike commuted.
  12. A roadies banes .... headwinds and uphills
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