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  1. ^^^ this x 2 Sorry Todd
  2. Played my first round of golf after quitting 39 years ago. Had a great time!
  3. Thank you Todd! Glad the gang is back together.
  4. Smoked Mac and cheese with a side of brats
  5. the humidor? The Ramon Allones is a nice smoke.
  6. Glad it's you. When snow hits west Michigan it usually wacks us with both snow and lake effect snow. The double whammy. This year it has all gone north or south of us. No accumulation yet which is unheard of here!
  7. That sucks Jose. Hoping this surgery does it for you.
  8. Low and slow smoking is very forgiving
  9. Getting real. Snow plow guy just stopped in to put in stakes. Depencs on storm track but 4-6 inches expected Monday. Don't think they will install new roof until Wednesday.
  10. I believe Alex Trebek was only the second host of Jeopardy. Seems Art Fleming was the first. RIP Mr Trebek.
  11. So sorry for your loss Fitz. Indeed, RIP Matilda!
  12. Turned in my ballot yesterday. Dan will be pleased to know I voted for one Libertarian
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