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  1. Your a gentlemen! Payment for 2 Bare boards and shipping has been sent.
  2. I regret missing this GB, if an opportunity should arise and 2 bare boards become available please consider me as a reserve. Kerry you do amazing work for the forum!
  3. Every item has been sold, that’s for looking. Cheers John
  4. Not originals, they are Justin’s boards from 2004.
  5. Hate it when you do that let’s hear it then what is it.
  6. The transformer if unshielded is more likely to be the root cause.
  7. Really nice speakers, I’m totally jealous. I love single point imaging speakers. I’ve been thinking about a nice pair of Fostex’s for a while, this has given me some incentive to kick start the project.
  8. n3rdlings advice to check the fuse sound like a good place, this could be something really simple. The fact that there’s no burnt smell or visually bad components is a good start. Best of luck.
  9. Good for you Matt! The M^3 is superb and will hold it
  10. Hifi, Car Audio, Pro Audio and DIY - Soundlabs Group Online Posts quickly, prices are fairly competitive and great customer service.
  11. Cardas Tri Eutectic Silver Solder, melting temperature is 430
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