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They don't go loud well at all -- sound terrible when distorting. But other than that, yes, am extremely happy with them. So with the qualification that you're not trying to overcome a noisy environment (which is what I was doing -- server has a damn noisy fan), they should be fine. Within their limits, they're wonderful little speakers. You want one? I have no need for two, I gave up on that. Also, if you want to borrow one, just to see if they can handle Epica, you're welcome to do that, too. (They really don't handle busy music well, either, but that was not rarely the point, while at work. You're welcome to decide for yourself -- they were not that bad on busy music softly as they were on any music loudly.) The form factor is pure win.

HpA -- yes, what I'm basically looking for is a femme-mini-XLR-to- either male-XLR or -to-male-TRS, but the point was to see if I could find a local dealer that would actually have something in stock, like an AKG dealer. Heck, I have several AKG headphones, I might even have something at home. Also, it's 3-pin mini-XLR, not 4-pin. The local Rat Shack and Guitar Center didn't seem to have anything (based on online), and I'd rather not get an adapter (weight on the connector). So if I don't find anything locally, I'll order something from B&H Photo or Markertek or something.

I got the Zooka bluetooth soundbar but the sound quality is less than that of the cube, although it's got the benefit of just a little stereo separation with the drivers about 10" apart. The major benefit of the Zooka is being able to set it atop the center of the screen for better imaging while watching a movie. Unfortunately it's really not an upgrade over the built-in speakers of the Retina MBP, except in a couple of dB extra volume, but the built-in speakers have better imaging. The Zooka will be relegated to portable iPad and iPhone duty.

As for the mini-XLR, I'm pretty sure the LCD-2 used a 4-pin XLR on each end of the cable, with two of the pins soldered together for positive, and two soldered together for ground. I'll have to go downstairs later to check, but if that's the case then you'd have to stick with AKG cables.

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No, don't worry about it, I just thought it was funny that it worked out to be exactly a headphone cable -- I just ordered a pair from B&H (well, I went with XLR instead of 1/4", but 1/4" was one of the options). It's intended use is going to be completely different -- the part that plugs into the headphone is going to plug, instead, into one channel of the DAC, and the other side is going to plug into one of the stereo pair of monitors.

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_______________v-- 2. "I'm not.  You can call me, 'Matt'."




1. "Hey, we're all buffed."





I never got the purple one.


Also, they moved the server out of the office, and me back into the office.


Also, I leave when they turn the A/C off.  I do some work from home in the evenings.


I did end up getting the Equators, but they are only mildly portable.  Good for gigs and weekend warrior type situations, but I wouldn't want to have to lug them back and forth every day.


They do, however, sound really good for $300 powered monitors.  They actually do sound twice as good as the half-as-expensive Fostex pm0.4n's.  Albeit, less blurple.  And the Quads definitely sound more refined, although not twice as refined.  So it seems that (at least, for me), somewhere between $300 and the Quads are the sweet spot.


I'll stick with headphones at work for now.  Equators are for music-making; Fostexes are for background listening; Quads are for movie-watching and listening to SACD's in the bedroom.

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