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Television stand, less knock-over-able

Dusty Chalk

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So when I first got my TV, Bobby knocked it over before it was even out of the box, so I immediately moved it to the master bedroom (where he doesn't have access).

Now that I've cleared more than 50% of the living room, I want to finish clearing it, bring my furniture down (I will hire Two Guys And A Truck this time), and set my TV up there.  Any ideas on how to make it sufficiently stable that a running 16 lb. cat can't knock it over?  Is there a TV stand that will actually attach to the bottom of the TV (it's a huge plate)?  Or should I just weight it down?  Sandbags?  I need to hurry up before next (current?) episode of Doctor Who drifts off air.

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I think most tv stands are fairly stable.  I guess it's a matter of height vs depth and width, generally.  Most of the stands sold at costco, for example, I think would stand up to a lot.  But also, you're going to have it up against a wall, right?  You could just put a bracket on each corner to hold it to the wall, or to each foot to hold it to the floor.


Also, you could mount the TV to the wall, just above the "tv stand".  That's what we did.

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No, I can't -- apartment complex doesn't allow that.  And I wasn't worried about the TV stand being knocked over, I was worried about the TV being knocked over while on top of the stand.  I understand it had a smaller footprint in the box, and with the stand (its own stand, not the Ikea stand), it should be less of an issue (I mean, while I was in the hospital, he spent over a day alone with everything, and didn't knock it over, he just makes me nervous with his energy sometimes.  He likes to run down the main hall at full tilt and bounce off the walls -- literally.  And the one night I let him in my room, he spent way too much time behind the TV.

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Ditto on Todd's suggestion. Down here where earthquakes are always a consideration, we use these on the TVs that sit on cabinets.


or any variation there of...

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