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MLB Playoff 2013

Salt Peanuts

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Meh... I've got no horse in the race at this point, so I'm just wanting to see both series go 7 games and down to the wire in each of those 7th games with lots of drama.  So to that end, Go Dodgers! and Go Tigers! in their respective Game 6 performances!  Then if Boston and St. Louis can close it out in Game 7, more power to each of them.  


That said, it would still be evil fun to watch a full stadium of Cardinals fans sitting there with stunned looks on their faces as the Dodgers celebrate on their field.  Then Al could really get pumped up about his Red Sox beating his nemesis Dodgers in the WS.


But truthfully, I can't see either the Tigers or Dodgers pulling it out at this point.  That closer for the Red Sox is lights out.  Automatic.  You bat now.  Ok, sit down.  Now you bat.  Ok, sit down... he doesn't even let anyone get on base!

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I got home from the office while a dinner party for Claire's sister was already in progress.  I was following the game in the car home and then on my phone during dinner, etc.  I got my brothers in law to come with me to watch the game right when Boston tied it 4-4 and it was exciting stuff.  That bizarre play was a buzz-kill and really seemed like such a TKO or something but them's the rules.  I can't believe that Salty decided to throw the ball to third after that awesome play by Pedroia to Salty to gun down Molina (a catcher who decided not to smash into another catcher, interestingly).  I think the Red Sox will be out for blood and the next game will be super interesting but the Cards tasted first blood on Koji tonight and that may be a big factor for the remainder.  Fun stuff regardless.  Go Sox!

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Fun stuff regardless.  Go Sox!


Yup, I'm convinced now that these are the best two teams in baseball this year.  Both have great talent up and down their rosters, play as teams not as individuals, and have that "find a way to win" mentality.  Nice to see Peavy really hang in there this time.  It was a shame that Salty couldn't come through in the 8th as much as his throw in the 9th.  But I agree that he didn't really have a chance to get the runner at 3rd and let his adrenaline get the best of him.  Win tonight and you have a best 2 of 3 series with two games at Fenway.

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