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MLB Playoff 2013

Salt Peanuts

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That police officer or security guy... whatever... was funny to watch.  The player lands on his head and this dude takes a step or two toward him and then suddenly walks away and back toward the gate opening in the fence as if to say, "Ehh, not my department."

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RED SOX WIN!!!  2 games to 1!  As Gene says, this was really all they had to do in Detroit.


Also on Gene's sage advice, I am ok with the Dodgers getting a maximum of 2 wins to give them false hope and also to wear out the Cards a bit more before the Red Sox - Cardinals Series.   ;D

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Ugly game for Sox fans last night.  Turning point was Petey not fielding that grounder for a DP in the 2nd.  Get the double play, and we're just down 1-0.  Not saying Peavey was on fire or anything, but getting out of that 2nd just down 1 would have helped his state of mind.


Sox hitters need to come alive tonight.

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