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Looking for a recommendation for the home theater:


- not rear ported, prefer sealed or front firing passive radiator

- sensitive on size. Would like depth around 14"

- will be placed in a corner

- small preference for white or gloss black


- New emotiva subs are just a hair too big

- SVS SB-1000

- Sunfire SDS-10

- Elac S10EQ


- Max width 19"

- no rear ports, sealed or front firing as it will be in a cabinet

- not worried about dreaded matching, will be operating as "large center" or "small L/R"


- Wanted Dynaudio Excite or Emotiva, but too wide :(

- Used is fine, looking around $500 range

Thanks for the researchers out there!

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You know Marc, I have two of the AV123 Rocket Onix 10" subs. They're very nice looking Rosewood veneer, Gloss Black top and bottoms, Nice aluminum drivers, but the plate amps were crap, and both have failed. Parts Express makes a drop in replacement...


You can have them for free if you want them. So for the cost of two of the plate amps you'd have some pretty decent subs.

Sealed, no ports.


download (1).jpg

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Well, the Sunfire turned out to be a great choice, especially when I found the dreaded LFE+MAIN setting on my receiver.

I also was rather impressed with the Best Buy Magnolia "Design Center" which there is one in Austin - which happens to be the closest to my house. I ended up with one of these for center.

Need to re-Audessy things once we get some furniture moved around and then looking forward to the final product.


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