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So, I want to get a motorcycle.  I have never ridden a motorcycle.  Would a Grom be a terrible choice as a first bike?  It's that or a Triumph Thruxton TFC (joke). Honda Rebel, maybe? I'd be gear all the time, but I like fine Japanese leather jackets, and they make kevlar armored raw selvedge jeans, now, so that would be fine.

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I did a ton of research and a big consensus for first bike is one that has some tech, anti-lock breaks, maybe even traction control that is not expensive.  The Suzuki SV-650 used is typically highly recommended for a largish starter bike. I see no reason to buy a mini bike, can’t see anything or be seen. 

While even Schott has gone more designer than motorcycle leather, I am not sure that Japanese designer fake motorcycle leather jackets are really all that useful on a bike.  They are all just knock-offs of the Schott anyway.  Certain Schott’s are great motorcycle jackets as are the Belstaff Pure Motorcycle line.  Both designer but actually functional.  Look at Saint jeans out of Australia, comfortable with much better protection than the blend of Kevlar some jeans are using these days.

MSF is awesome training. 

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