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  1. Done. Appreciate the opportunity to support you and KBF.
  2. My morning adventure at work. Brakes are out on the machine. It rolled into the sand trap when I got off to put the flag in the hole. Had to be pulled out.
  3. Damn. I'm getting old. Decided today to reclaim the neglected flower bed in the back. Started at 10:00 am and finally finished at 9:30 pm. Younger me would be tired. I'm sore. Oh well. Glad I installed the metal edging a week ago. Had to remove the weeds.. Transplanted the one existing plant, a lily. Leveled the bed. Planted 13 perennials. Releveled the bed. Added Preen. Miulched. Watered. Will give any surviving flowers Miracle Grow in a couple of weeks. Freely admit I don't know what I'm doing. My expartner was supposed to help with all this since she planned. it. Apparently friendshi8p doesn't participate in completing joint projects. I have mulched so know what to do there. Have never planted flowers before. By the fourth one got the technique down to a relatively quick process. I have had the flowers for a few weeks. Hope they survive. Cheers.
  4. Rolled greens this morning Mulched this afternoon
  5. ^^^ this x 2 Sorry Todd
  6. Played my first round of golf after quitting 39 years ago. Had a great time!
  7. Thank you Todd! Glad the gang is back together.
  8. Smoked Mac and cheese with a side of brats
  9. the humidor? The Ramon Allones is a nice smoke.
  10. Glad it's you. When snow hits west Michigan it usually wacks us with both snow and lake effect snow. The double whammy. This year it has all gone north or south of us. No accumulation yet which is unheard of here!
  11. That sucks Jose. Hoping this surgery does it for you.
  12. Low and slow smoking is very forgiving
  13. Getting real. Snow plow guy just stopped in to put in stakes. Depencs on storm track but 4-6 inches expected Monday. Don't think they will install new roof until Wednesday.
  14. I believe Alex Trebek was only the second host of Jeopardy. Seems Art Fleming was the first. RIP Mr Trebek.
  15. So sorry for your loss Fitz. Indeed, RIP Matilda!
  16. Turned in my ballot yesterday. Dan will be pleased to know I voted for one Libertarian
  17. I'm beginning to think Milo and Otis failed their OSHA indoctrination Glad you're ok Steve!
  18. I have been doing steaks and even tri-tip this way. Take it to about 20 degrees below your desired temp, wrap and remove, crank to searing temp, unwrap and sear until 5 degrees below desired temp. Remove and let rest as it will continue to cook. Serve
  19. Taste is subjective. An educated opinion from a grilling icon https://barbecuebible.com/2020/09/22/steak-three-ways-which-cooking-method-is-best/?fbclid=IwAR0iY6pOz5xvVQnqkxw_5MI3PUmqUilaGHEABGrHqYtuuMJ8w7jOb8Pj7_4
  20. Bottom left choose 'Theme', then choose 'Deflection'
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