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  1. Yesterday morning first day mowing on the golf course. 40F to start. 39F four hours later when I finished.
  2. Major defeat for Russia.
  3. Try the Bellini Boost Charge Pro 3 in 1 charger.
  4. Thank you for making this roast available to us. Great roast, great flavor and great brew. Well done!
  5. Heal well and heal quickly Steve. My 85 yr old uncle accidentally cut his middle finger off at the first knuckle. Stopped. Cleaned up the shop. Cleaned himself up. Then drove to ER. The finger was too badly mangled to reattach. Came home and finished his project that night before calling it a day.
  6. Been using a pellet grill for 7 years. The more I smoke the less rub I seem to use. Brisket and ribs - 50/50 salt & pepper beef - Montreal Steak pork - Smokehouse maple or a strawberry glaze chicken - Chef’s miracle blend or bbq sauce Any food grade pellet works but I like BBQer’s Delight. Less ash more heat. Typically Jack Daniels or the Competition blend. Order 4 bags delivered direct. I do have my own rubs as well. Ribs and brisket are popular but my favorite is smoked Mac and cheese
  7. Moving Art No narration. Stunning videography set to music.
  8. 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything May only be relevant to me and those older than I am. Graduated from high school in 1971 so the people and events are very real for me.
  9. Sorry for your loss Jacob. Until you meet Dunhill across the Rainbow Bridge.
  10. Hypertension runs in my family. Wonderful that we can control it with meds when diet and exerculise are not enough. If you haven’t checked out the Dash diet please do. Developed by the NIH specifically to lower blood pressure. BTW the 60s are not bad. The decade was pretty cool too
  11. Happy Holidays one and all.
  12. I have no words. So sorry Steve. Peace to you and your family.
  13. Jealous of your skills Steve. If only ... See me with a tool in my hands you best run as fast and far away as you can. Yesterday I started phase 1 of modifying my garage storage. There will be blood. Hung the skybox, moved storage hooks from being attached to drywall to attached to studs and installed a ladder rack for storage. 2 hours due to lack of skills and having to think the project through. Then I hit the common wall between the garage and my manufactured home. Studs? WTF!!! Stud finder is not locating studs. Not even deep scan. Finally locate a stud and verify it really is one. Garage is built 24 inch. Not the common wall. Turns out is 16 inch. Finally install chair rack and additional storage hooks. 3 hours due to aforementioned deficiencies. Of course there was blood. Always is when I use tools. Not even sure how or what I did to my right thumb but alas, caked in blood. Oh well. All this the day after getting my covid booster and flu shot. Guess I did feel ok.
  14. First episode was fun. Looking forward to watching it through the last episode.
  15. Ash vs The Evil Dead on Netflix. My version of binge watching …. 4-5 episodes per week Also started watching Disjoited thanks to my daughter who introduced me to the series. Funny. I remember watching The Exorcist in a movie theater when it first came out. Even had ‘nurses’ in the lobby. Good movie. About halfway thru I nudged my room mate to say something about the time Linda Blair’s head rotated 360 degrees. He jumped up screaming. The entire theater erupted in terrified shrieks. Never bothered me. The Evil Dead is the only movie I watched that literally terrified me. Never saw it a second time.
  16. Sorry for your loss Todd. May you, your father and the combined families find peace.
  17. RIP Lori. Sorry for your loss Chris.
  18. Retirement is like a permanent vacation. Albeit mostly a staycation. “Up North” for a week of leaf peeping, hiking and discovery. Nicest cabin I have ever stayed in.
  19. Sorry for your loss lads. Hard to lose a good friend Mikey and tough to lose a parent Beefy. My condolences.
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