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Headphones Based On Music Taste For 180€ | 200$ Max

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Generally speaking, I'm mostly listening to Lo-Fi Music, Hip-Hop, and Punk-Rock. Here are 2 sample songs for each aforementioned genre:

Intended use
I listen to music at any time & any place, meaning that I really prefer headphones that are noise-protecting. Speaking from my personal experience, I'm a big fan of IN-EAR and OVER-EAR headphones. They feel naturally comfortable to me and that's generally a big brownie point. 
Please don't hesitate if you have any further questions or ideas! 
Super many Thanks in Advance!
I genuinely appreciate the privilege of being able to ask so many different competent people, reaching the best decision! 


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# Update *I raised my budget to ~ 300€*
Due to some preliminary testing, I realized that I have to make some certain changes ☝
 1. the value of real-life-utility was underestimated by me in the first place
 2. decent IEMs require additional amplification which results in diminishing returns for their costs, in my opinion 
 3. I have the money but I'm usually too cost-saving ?
 4. I listen to that much music that it doesn't make sense to be cost-saving ??‍♀️
Talking about that real-life-utility here, 
I usually go everyday to the gym + library, aaand when I tried the E5000 for example, I had to increase the volume to for-me-unnecessary levels, you know. Not to forget, that I had to fix their position all the time because of all the sudden movements. For that reason, I plan to give noise-canceling HPs better ratings now. 
On the other hand, I still need some time to warm up all the IEMs in order to make fair judgments ☑️
So now, 
I added some headphones based on Head-Fi forum reviews, I included certain AMPs and IEMs determined by the following criteria: 
at least four reviews || at least 4.2 stars.
Here's The list :
FiiO K3 (E30)
FiiO Q1 Mark II 
Final E4000
Final E5000
Linsoul TFZ NO.3 
iBasso IT01
Moondrop KXXS
Bose QuietComfort 35
Bowers & Wilkins PX
Sony WH-1000XM3
With all that being said, I will try to write a subjective-goal-oriented review for my final decision since I'm just an audio amateur ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who has to to start somewhere 
It's my mission 
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