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Seattle Humane's Rescue Squad - Day of Giving


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Hey everyone,

For those who don't know, Kristen (kids' mom) has worked at Seattle Humane since it opened its new facility about 2 years ago. They've been largely closed to the public and have had most of their animals in foster care during COVID, but their situation is starting to change and they're now able to take in some more surgeries/surrenders and start helping animals and families in this area again. I've gotten to hear some of the amazing work they've been able to accomplish with keeping/placing/helping out, and I'm pretty happy to be a part of it. We've fostered multiple special needs dogs, and even adopted a mostly-deaf and mostly-blind miniature poodle we fell in love with, but lost this year.

Seattle Humane 's Rescue Squad is doing a "Day of Giving" fundraiser and I wanted to pass it along if anyone is interested in helping out. I kicked it off with a donation in ZoëBellë's memory, but there are options specifically for dogs/cats/foster/older animals/special needs/etc.

Thanks for taking a minute to look.


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Thanks, guys! Means a lot.

Love it @skullguise - These groups do so much good.

I love this one program that Seattle Humane has. It's called "Mom's Last Litter." If there is a cat or dog that is pregnant, people can sign up and SH will spay her for free if you surrender the kittens/pups. It benefits a lot of lower-income people in the area, and gets some animals to good homes.

There is also a pet food bank that is mind blowing, having had eyes on some of the other shelters and how they are so often in need. They've also worked with some of the other shelters and clinics in the region to assist in various ways. When they built their new building a few years back, the old building next door had been able to have a lot of the infrastructure donated to some of the other regional shelters. Nice to have some ties to such a cause.

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