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Defeating my family with a pair of closed non-stats


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Sadly, I have a noisy family.

No but seriously they are real noisy.

I listen currently to SR-007A Mk2 with KGST, but need a pair of closed back non-stats, which will be run off my PureBipolar.

I have collected names, and have so far Focus Stellia or ZMF Verite Closed or Kennerton Rognir. A shop some hours away has 2/3 of these in stock.

The question really is, for a stat devotee listening to acoustic music (classical and jazz) will any of these be acceptable in the aim to help me forget my family? Or will they all make me run screaming from the house instead?


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29 minutes ago, Voltron said:

Good call also. Not even completely snarky in this instance. 😁

I'm still don't regret selling off my high end rigs after getting the JH13s all these years later. 

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