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Got mine yesterday. Haven't had a lot of time to play with it yet but so far I like it. It was fairly easy to set up (except for typing via the included remote) and connecting to my Netflix account was simple. My advice so far is to ditch the mini remote and use the updated Remote app from an iPhone or iPad. Picture quality seems good. I just did audio fed to the TV via HDMI and then back out to a dac and to the audio rig, but it sounded ok with both video and audio material.

And it's a tiny little sucker.

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Mine arrived Wednesday, hooked it up last night. I like it a lot. Netflix streams are far better than when I connected my iPad using Apples component cables. It accessed my iTunes easily and I actually listened to some music through my HT speakers. I need to upgrade my HT receiver. The one I have now has one optical and one coax out connection. I need more options.

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How is the Netflix interface on Apple TV? I love having the Netflix on my PS3 but the interface is quite atrocious and bit slow, not to mention the need to put in the Netflix disc in every time I want to use it.

I like the Netflix interface. After initial input of email and password that is it. My Vizio tv has a Netflix app and it sucks. This is much better and includes search. Moving between items was fast and the streaming looked good. I will probably use Netflix the most on this and so far I like its implementation.

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