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  1. I got the A2000X a few days ago from pricejapan. I have only time to listen to them for a couple of hours. First, they look and feel very cheap. This is partly to do with the fact that they are extremely light and have cups that look like they are all scratched up (as you can see from the pictures). As for the fit, they are pretty loose on my head but I have a fairly small head (I wear a size small baseball cap). They are nowhere near as loose as the W5000 was on my head. They feel about the same as the D2000's in terms of clamp but are much much lighter. They feel loose and slip a little if I bend my head forward but don't come off. As for isolation, they are not great but are better than open headphones and better than ESW9's. They don't isolate as much as the K271's. Ok, but now for sound (using GS-1 and ECD-1). I have very little time with these so these are FIRST impressions on a can that is not burned in. They sound very open for a closed headphone. They are much more transparent than the K271, D2000, and A900LTD as well as any other closed cans that I have owned (I haven't had time to A/B yet). They are a pretty bright can and the bass is lean (perhaps too lean for me). Perhaps burn-in and/or pads stuffing and/or headband bending can help with the fit and hence the bass. I have only heard the L3000 and W5000 at a meet and I would say that the A2000X are much much closer to the W5000 than the L3000 although they seem to be less bright than W5000. I guess to be more correct, I should say that they don't really sound anything like the L3000 from my memory. As far as comparisons to some other cans, I enjoy the AD2000 more than the A2000X. The AD2000 have more body to them. However, since I was looking for a closed can, I don't feel that is a very fair comparison. Without more listening time, I cannot say much more than this.
  2. Very nice Team indeed! When does the Fantasy headphone season begin?
  3. I spent the day cleaning my bathroom with 99.99% isopropyl alcohol and garlic.
  4. So cute! I wish I could have a cat (in fact I would get a fluffy charcoal grey kitten with big green eyes... ) but I travel too much to have a pet.
  5. Hmmmm.... let's think for a bit.... well, yeah, I guess I that wouldn't be on my top ten list for CanJam.
  6. Haha, I hope nobody peed (sp?) in my sink at CanJam.
  7. Thanks. I remember reading this post and this helped pushed me more in their direction. I have been following threads about them since their announcement since I like the AD2000's. I am happy to hear about the fit problem (of lack thereof).
  8. Update: I ordered the A2000X so there is no going back now.
  9. I was thinking that ("take one for the team") and may do unless someone tells me something like "they're horrible, stay away, I would rather.... " As for the fit of W5000, I would definitely have to do some bending of the wires since they were pretty loose on me when I have tried them. This is one reason that I have been avoiding them.
  10. I'm still very curious about the A2000X (I do like my A2000). I really want to get a "better" circumaural closed can for those time the TV is on in the house (better overall than A900LTD, less boomy that Denon D2000, more body that K271). I have seen good and bad reviews on it. Does anyone here own (or has heard) one? I am thinking of this and the W5000 which are fairly close in price (was interested in the D7000 but think it will still be too boomy).
  11. shellylh

    Palm Pre

    Thanks for the info on the Pre, especially about the non-sluggishness. I am on a waiting list to get one (hopefully this weekend). I tried one out in the Sprint store and was not very impressed but I figure that this was become of some "demo" mode that they may have had it on.
  12. Well, I haven't posted here much (just on the other site) because I was a little terrified actually. But after talking to the a bunch of you at CanJam (and especially the headphone goddess Vicki), I decided that maybe it is time to start spending more time at head-case and less time at the other site. Anyway, CanJam was outstanding. The best part about it was meeting all the great East and West coasters and a few in between. I have to say that those Floridians are a crazy bunch indeed! It was fate (or was it ) that my hotel room had a sliding glass door that led straight to the pool area (aka whiskyfest). So, yes, I went out in my pjs around midnight thinking I was going to ask people to be quiet (how silly of me), then realizing the drunk and disorderly crowd was actually a drunk and disorderly crowd of CanJam-ers, and before long I was joining them and allowing my bathroom to become to local CanJam powderoom (hmmm.... not so sure that was a good idea). Seriously, I couldn't have asked for a better group to hang out with. It was fantastic. The gear was also amazing. I wish I had about a week to try it all. There is always next year. The one setup that really captured my heart was blubliss's setup. The R10 really sang to me. I was thoroughly impressed!
  13. shellylh

    CanJam 2009

    I booked Sunday night and still got the $89 head-fi rate.
  14. I would trade my shiny black box for this lovely rugged looking piece of engineering art anyday!
  15. Thanks for the heads up Asr. I just previewed the album "Knowle West Boy" on amazon and I have to say that I am a little disappointed.
  16. I would pass on the 2 buck chuck if I were you. It is ok if you haven't had anything except "box wines." My favorite type of red wines are Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. That should tell you something about what kind of wines I like: bold reds! I just had a fantastic excellent Cabernet Sauvignon that I would wholeheartedly recommend: Monticello Vineyards, Jefferson Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa 2005. I found it for about $24. If you are looking for "budget" wines, here are a few of my favorites: Avalon, Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon ~ $16; this wine is really excellent and competes with much more expensive wines. Note: Avalon also has a "California" version which has an orangish label. Do not get this wine, it is cheaper than the Napa version but far inferior! Felipe Rutini Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 (Argentina) ~ $14; an excellent Malbec, very smooth. Jean Bousquet Malbec (Argentina) ~ $11; another excellent Malbec, it is also organic. I buy it often. Last and cheapest: Veo Grande Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) ~ $7 at Sam's Club (maybe more other places); this is the best $7 wine I have tried in a long time. We buy it often for an every day table wine. Of course, it is not as good as the wines listed above but you can't beat the price!
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