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  1. Happy belated birthday, Colin!!!!
  2. Happy belated birthday, Steve! Sorry, I haven't been around much.
  3. Happy belated birthday, Ric!
  4. shellylh


    I can see it on my phone. Yikes.
  5. shellylh


    Hoping for the best. Things look quite scary.
  6. We got a puppy!!! Bailey is so sweet and gives little kisses. IMG_6388.mov
  7. We put Sophie down today. She’s had congestive heart failure for over a year and had been doing ok with meds. However, she got really bad over the last few days - gained a lot of fluid weight, had several seizures, and was coughing much more than normal. We went to the vet and they said she had less than two weeks. We couldn’t let her suffer anymore. I miss her so much. She was the best dog ever. IMG_3005.mov IMG_3386.mov
  8. Um, I believe he said Apple, not Samsung products, cough cough.
  9. I agree, somewhat. Ive basically given up on portable headphones/IEMs for my Airpod Max but still use the rigs if they are near. But the wireless products from Apple are oh so convenient and sound pretty good.
  10. I never imagined you as much of a meat eater. 🤣
  11. My younger niece (11) and folks are visiting us in Durango. Took the train to Silverton and went on the Alpine Slide at Purgatory Ski Resort. 20230730_145026.mov IMG_5113.mov
  12. Got my abscesses tooth extracted (and a bone graft put in). Fun times! I didn’t get any of the good drugs for afterwards.
  13. Happy birthday, Jose!
  14. Happy birthday, Justin!!!
  15. Adds to list. We’ve just finished binging High Desert. Patricia Arquette plays such a fantastic crazy person.
  16. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!
  17. Happy birthday, Brent!!!
  18. shellylh


    Oooh. Can’t wait to have some time to watch it.
  19. Enjoy, Ric! Sorry y’all feel crummy too. There seems to be something nasty. I got tested at the doctor’s office for flu and COVID but tested negative. Still, I’ve had body aches, fever, sore throat for 10 days straight, etc. ‘we need to get "For now, I have music" on t-shirts’ yes!
  20. I’ve been stuck in the house with the worlds worst cold and pink eye. Hoping to get back to teaching in person tomorrow. For now, I have music.
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