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  1. Now this you didn't see coming....

    wow did not see that coming, guess as was mentioned time to start revising for SMD
  2. Florida Gathering 11/16/13 aka Geneapoloza

    I should be able to make it
  3. Now for something different...

    thats pretty compact for a tube amp... at least the ones I have worked on! (although most of those have been for... "higher" frequencies (in the MHz) hehe always wondered if an electrostat headphone amp like this could directly drive a martin logan panel... what say you wizard of the audible?
  4. Now for something different...

    you need to stop making things I want to build a compact inexpensive electrostatic tube amp? whaa?
  5. Time for some Stax SR-Sigma love......

    I dunno, I have a set and they are ok, great sound stage, but things seem like they are "missing" when I listen through them... so I end up listening to other headphones 90% of the time (ex HE60) but I did get them at a garage sale so I can't complain lol
  6. KG Balanced Dynahi build discussion thread

    I have run speakers off my dynamight, works fine... although I am using some bigger power supplies... I have even run some GS-124 laser galvos with it in a pinch and it worked great hehe
  7. Stax Teflon Jacks - More of them

    I would be interested in one pro and one normal if you are doing both types
  8. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    so anyone doing another round of boards?
  9. SoFla Meet - November 19, 2011

    thats a shame... been a long time since a meet... although I would have to find all my headphone stuff, after I moved like 2 years ago and never unpacked any of it, in a box somewhere sigh
  10. DEQ2496 as a DAC

    I use one and its an "OK" DAC overall, for the price its definitely a good dac... but I agree modded it becomes a REALLY good dac... I put a zap-filter in mine and there is a significant and noticeable difference between a stock DEQ and the modded DEQ
  11. high voltage cable for electrostats?

    if you could find out for me, that would be awesome, I have had a hard time convincing anyone I get a hold of that the HE60 existed lol
  12. Watches

    man you guys have tiny wrists... I have 8" wrists I had a guy make custom straps for my Panerai homage (replica/fake or whatever you want to call it) and he didn't believe me when I told him my wrist size lol
  13. SoFla Winter Meet 12/5/09

    if you mean some sort of alcoholic drink, then sure! I AM working on a tube electrostatic amp, simple design though, and not a hybrid... additionally lots of things are lost on me.. just got back from the Paul McCartney concert
  14. high voltage cable for electrostats?

    no adapters, they have a HE-90 connector at the end so that end isnt an issue... does sennehiser even sell a replacement cable for these things anymore? how low does the capacitance need to be? I have Canare L-2B2AT which seems to have better specs than the Mogami... ? yes... if you squeeze the cable right before it enters the headphone on the right channel it comes back and then sort of "fades away" holy crap $100?
  15. SoFla Winter Meet 12/5/09

    I just remembered I promised someone at this meet a +/-24vdc powersupply and I cant for the life of me remember who I promised it to :doh: