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  1. I have a Nice 20" Craftsman D.P. I bought recently. So I'm drilling (butchering) a computer case presently and the tapered chuck spindle keeps dropping off! I cleaned it up real well and have seated it against a blcok of wood with some pressure. Fell out pretty easy. I retracted the chuck and pounded it in with a dead blow hammer. Didn't help. Then took a small masonry hammer and some wood and pounded the crap out of it I thought. Still fell out. What's the super secret way of wedging that gadget in there!
  2. Maybe they are following this thread...
  3. I have it on good authority that STAX has a Hit out on you!
  4. Jesus Christ! Have some patience! I suspect they will require between 15-20,000 hours to break-in. All the GOOD stuff needs that...
  5. Something that might be instructive is take your little finger and put in in your ear. Then open and close your mouth, completely closing your bite, and opening your mouth all the way. You can feel in your ear with your finger how much volume change is taking place.
  6. I think it fulfilled it's design specs...
  7. Marc, why did you replace the stock cable? Was it worn out, or just to try something different?
  8. Gotta be a Bible in there somewhere...
  9. You're gonna mess up the Pie Chart...
  10. Some Observations: #1-3 Perhaps put them in a Pie Graph #4 and #5 -- Do you think the FIX was in? #6 Perhaps a Love-Hate relationship #7 These Forums are maybe a Marketing Tool? #8 Right Handed, Right Footed, Right Eyed, and now something with the Right ear, how bout that Chit! Are any of us in our Right Mind?
  11. I eagerly await my Invitation!
  12. You must be from Kentucky. Only place I know where you could coalesce all those relationships into one person.
  13. I think she's just a Gold Digger...
  14. Les_Garten


    They can't be created or destroyed, that's a problem! You have to round them up when you need them, then there's the problem of what do you do with them when you are done... It's a wonder they are as cheap as they are.
  15. Les_Garten


    I just got N2010 a few minutes ago, and I've only ordered one track ever from them. Anybody who wants to use it is welcome to.
  16. Don't tell me.... You have a Hankerin' for GRAPE!
  17. Style, it's almost never Over-Rated... [ATTACH=CONFIG]3304[/ATTACH]
  18. Now that's a strange site, where someone needs something constructive to do with their time!
  19. You're doing a hell of a job, all mine are whining now, no sleeping tonight! Here's one for your collection. [ATTACH=CONFIG]3295[/ATTACH]
  20. You won't be happy till all the Headphones are upset, will you?
  21. Hmmm, since JH is in FL, that could be January... I'd call that Late Summer here.
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