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    They've been Wooting for 2 days straight!
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    Killer Mouse! and I paid a lot more for mine. [url=http://www.woot.com/]Woot
  3. All my others for the last 20+ years have been hard acrylic. The soft one seals like the hard ones.
  4. Actually my BT headset fits perfectly. It's the first soft one I've had. Since 1988, I've spent about 8-12 hours a day with one in my ear listening to people's hearts, does that count? Mine were connected to esophageal stethoscopes. n.b. If you haven't used a mold on a BT headset, you haven't lived yet. I went from Vol all the way up to all the way down. The isolation is perfect.
  5. I had Avery sound do my custom earpiece for my Bluetooth Headset and I did the mold myself and sent it to them. Not exactly Rocket Science here. I've had custom molds made since the late eighties, never with any not working correctly, still have them. Not sure why all the re-do's here. I'm close enough to JH to have them done there when I pull the pin on that idea.
  6. Kinda like the ZERO DAC, ehhh?
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    WoW! Death of a Legend!
  8. Would be amusing if you whipped out a reference weight next time you ran into one of these discrepancies...
  9. Perhaps they were secretly bought by Peugeot? I'm not sure that would be positive...
  10. LOL, I think I've learned that! The quill is a MT3.
  11. No set screw. Just machine taper fit. I was looking over Enco tools site and they have a fork for it. My arbor is a MT3 - JT4 and the chuck is a 3/4" chuck Is there a big difference in good quality arbors and chucks like this Albrecht for instance: Enco - Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Machinery, Tools and Shop Supplies This is a smaller overall chuck but goes down to a smaller minimum.
  12. Nate, if I were to get a keyless chuck in the future, would I just buy an arbor with it and remove the current chuck with the arbor? There is a slot up in the quill to push a fork/wedge in there to dislodge the arbor, not sure how I would get a chuck off. Heat maybe?
  13. Yep, that's it exactly I think. Not sure about the taper sizes, but it's like that one. Looks like the combo of heating in the Oven and the freeze cycle has worked. Been cuttin' holes this afternoon! It swung that 5 1/4" hole saw without breaking a sweat. Any of you guys use the keyless chucks on a Larger type press? If so, do you like them?
  14. Boy we're havin' FUN Now! So got my nice 5 1/4" hole saw in da' mail. Bolted 'er up and let her rip! Literally. Then the Chuck dropped off, new problem as it were... So the arbor, I guess that's what it's called, is tapered on both ends. Never seen one before, so I'm in a learnin' phase here. My first problem was the arbor was dropping out of the quill. Froze the arbor last night for about 3 hours. Then pressed it together and tried it today. Now the chuck drops off, most likely becasue of the freeze job from last night! Today, Chuck goes in the oven at 400 degrees fro maybe 30 mins and press back on the arbor and let cool. I cleaned the arbor and chuck real well with carb cleaner. If felt light it had a thin layer of Cosmoline on both surfaces. This is slowing down my hole cuttin'! p.s. no takin' it back. A Craigslist special! Looks like it has never been used, and I would be happy as a clam if the pieces would quit falling off! All the surfaces look perfect on the Quill receiver, arbor, and chuck.
  15. Mine doesn't slip, the whole quill - chuck assembly falls out when I lift of the piece I am drilling.
  16. Yeah, Understand that one, just don't have the scratch for a set of those!
  17. Yeah, Very Strange, and Very Irritating! I got a zillion holes to drill and don't want to use a hand drill. On another note... I saw a large step bit tonight at HD. Like up to 1 1/8". If you were drilling in mild steel that size hole, would that be a better device than a hole saw? I hate hole saws!
  18. Thanx, I hadn't seen that article. Very Sharp
  19. The stuff I read tonight said no lubricant at all. Clean and dry fit. I'll know tomorrow when I try to swing a 5 1/4" hole saw with it! Iffin' that don't work, I'll go the dye, file, and filler route.
  20. OK, one more change... Cleaned with Ether and it's in the freezer. Won't use any oil. Tap it on with dead blow hammer. Press and hold the press while it warms up. I also just read about some "filling" compounds made by Locktite if this doesn't work... A common problem it seems...
  21. Hmm, I think the piece I'm referring to is called the Quill. It is male and goes up into the DP head. Here's my latest plan. Clean the hell out of everything with alcohol or mineral spirits. Freeze the quill for a couple hours in my Freezer (-4 F). Lightly oil and press back together. Does that sound like it might work?
  22. I have a Nice 20" Craftsman D.P. I bought recently. So I'm drilling (butchering) a computer case presently and the tapered chuck spindle keeps dropping off! I cleaned it up real well and have seated it against a blcok of wood with some pressure. Fell out pretty easy. I retracted the chuck and pounded it in with a dead blow hammer. Didn't help. Then took a small masonry hammer and some wood and pounded the crap out of it I thought. Still fell out. What's the super secret way of wedging that gadget in there!
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