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  1. Started "Hacks", which has proved an enjoyable & a light-hearted palate cleanse after "Mare...". Jean Smart is great, again. An easy watch.
  2. "The Nevers" is fantastic. Another Whedon masterpiece that will probably go down before it's time.
  3. Re: "Mare of Easttown", it's well-worth watching, if you are up for the basic premise/subject. The first episode is horribly depressing, and almost dissuaded me from sticking with it. But it hits a stride quickly & doesn't have unnecessary filler. I thought I had it figured out, but did not see the ending coming. Winslet turns in a great performance. Supporting cast is good too. Probly even better binging, than week-to-week.
  4. Happy Birthday Rob!
  5. ^Sigh...Jessica Walter was a formative crush after seeing "Play Misty For Me". Also, George Segal passed on the 23rd, age 87.
  6. I've only heard the Utopia at one meet. At the time, it sounded quite good - detailed while not "too" anything FR-wise. Not peaky, and I don't like peaky these days. To compare to something else, maybe...a properly fitted Qualia 010 with more satisfying bass? Although this was out of a Woo Audio tubed headphone amp (dunno which one) fed by a Lampizator DAC with a tubed output stage. So the upstream components could certainly have mitigated/masked (tomAto/tomahto) any peakiness of the headphones. Like alot of higher-end stuff, I guess they take work to sound best.
  7. Happy birthday Al!
  8. jpelg


    AKG N90Q headphones at a substantial discount: N90Q | Reference class auto-calibrating noise cancelling headphones (harmanaudio.com) I think Tyll reviewed these well at some point, iirc. Always seemed interesting.
  9. Happy birthday, Nate!
  10. Or speaker-amp taps.
  11. ^Yes, it's difficult to justify paying $375-400 for a "real" HD650, when the HD6XX is $220 (cable differences aside, especially if audiophiles will have replacement cables anyway), if you're willing deal with shipping delays. The HD660S in the $400-500 range is just confusing to me in comparison. HD800S is showing a $300 price drop these days, which seems decent. Amazon Prime customers can get HD820's at a discount right now (although I never heard them sound good at the NY CanJam booths I frequented several years in a row (although I suspect it might have at least partially been a very loudly driven Sennheiser DAC/amp).
  12. I'd be ok if Sennheiser streamlined down to pro/audiophile-centric models (HD25/280/600/650/800S/820), selling them accordingly, & offloaded consumer models (read: HD59x, cheaper earbuds, wireless, etc.)
  13. Star Trek: Discovery (standard CBS) - excellent homage to the classic franchise, with a fresh take (it's a prequel). Not sure if it's enough to make me subscribe to CBS All-Access for the rest though (maybe binge S2 & 3 using a free trial?) Miss Scarlet and the Duke on Masterpiece (PBS) - we are both liking this show. Easy watch. Recommended.
  14. Indigenous People of Siberia Photographed for 'The World in Faces' (mymodernmet.com)
  15. Pennyworth - explores the early life of Alfred, the Wayne family butler. Tics all my boxes, & great performances across the cast. Binged thru season 1, now onto season 2.
  16. ^I always thought she was hot. In a scary, "she'd break you in half" sort of way. *shrug
  17. We also watched "The Queen's Gambit" last weekend. But, we had the strange experience of watching the final episode first, by accident. The manner in which the final episode opens, I (mistakenly) figured the whole season was told through flashbacks. By the time we realized what was going on, we just finished it. Then we went back and watched the rest of the season from the beginning. Knowing the final outcome took nothing away from watching Beth's journey from the start. In fact, it may have engaged us more by giving us the money-shot up front. Either way, as others have already said: it's a great watch. And if Anya Taylor-Joy wasn't already a star, this solidifies it.
  18. I also ordered the Mophie & received it today. My wife loves it. Thanks for the recommendation - much appreciated.
  19. Ann Reinking: Ann Reinking Dead: 'Chicago' Broadway Star and Tony Winner Dies at 71 - Variety
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