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  1. A few recent watches: On AppleTV, Silo - why are people living underground in this dystopian future? On Hulu, The Class of 09, an interesting portrayal of how a surveillance-state develops: Also started on AppleTV, High Desert, for some comedy: Decent, if not great watches so far - soft recommendations, all. They could all use some tightening up, storywise. But then they'd be movies instead of a series, I guess #shrug.
  2. jpelg


    ^I predict there will be word-salad euphemisms & back-stabbing all around.
  3. Happy Birthday!
  4. The antagonistic scenes with males (the guy in the diner, the father in her office, come to mind) all seem convenient scenarios of the character's making. Provoked responses...self-fulfilling prophesies, stemming from earlier damage. When I see characters like this, I don't think of them as brave, empowered, or enlightened. I am reminded of the scene in the movie Disclosure where the lawyer says: "Ms. Johnson, the only thing you have proven is that a woman in power can be every bit as abusive as a man!"
  5. MUCH prefer something along these lines: which has been a treat to nearly all the senses & non-sensibilities.
  6. ^I think the whole, twin-switching is pretty cringe-worthy. Not sure if the professional/patient switching, or the personal/sexual partner switching is moreso. Is that a positive commentary or reflection somehow? Not sure how "brave". They just seem to hate men.
  7. Some recent TV series watches: Citadel (Amazon Prime) - like, easy watch, recommended, Priyanka Chopra looks amazing, can't wait for the next ep to drop Dead Ringers (Amazon Prime) - not so much after one ep, despite being a big Rachel Weisz fan...if the original movie with Jeremy Irons grossed you out, take a pass on this The Last Thing He Told Me (AppleTV) - yawn, super-disappointing for a Jen Garner fan (Alias) after two or three eps (I'm not sure when I fell asleep)
  8. ^Sorry, I had my "Mr. Literal" hat on this afternoon 😔
  9. Hasn't Leica been doing cameras with monochrome-only sensors since the M9 Monochrome?
  10. Just finished episodes 7 & 8 to complete the season - wow! 👍
  11. You had me at "Salma Hayak"
  12. Watched 6 eps this weekend. Great writing. The kind that is refreshingly honest, but not annoyingly "smart", iykwim. Caplan is the real star here, serving triple-duty as not only her own character in the show, but also as the omniscient narrator AND Fleishman's inner dialog voice. She kills at all three.
  13. Happy Birthday!
  14. The Night Agent (Netflix) - a well-done FBI/Secret Service-based drama series that avoids most of the cliches. Recommended. Lucky Hank (AMC+) - Bob Odendirk's new dark-ish comedy. Two eps in. Pretty good, easy watch.
  15. Pentax: "I haven't been around this many people in a long time." (both funny & sad/true)😂
  16. ^What is your output stage? (not that I know very much about that sort of stuff, other than it's my experience that the output stage impacts sonics quite a bit)
  17. This person builds some crazy stuff: EL TALLER pino (@eltallerpino) • Instagram photos and videos
  18. Not sure how I missed this - a belated "Happy Birthday!" Nate.
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