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  1. agreed, the k81djs are cool headphones for the price, and they look slick.
  2. didn't like them too much, the ms-pros were better.
  3. the gilmore lite is probably the best out of the bunch. or you can save up the money and get an all-in-one solution such as the benchmark/apogee/lavry/aqvox/headroom desktop. probably gonna run a tad expensive even when you can find one used, but IMHO its the best-of-both-worlds solution.
  4. instead of getting a player and an amp for a pair of er4ps for a work out rig, why don't you just use an ipod or something with a pair of better earphones such as the ultimate ears super-fi 5 pro? then you can have quality music reproduction on the go as well.
  5. i see no reason to spend money on a portable amp.
  6. gilmore lite. go for the dedicated power supply if you can spend the extra money.
  7. you can get a cardas mini to mini from headroom for 14 bucks. and cardas stuff actually sounds good.
  8. helping his sponsors to sell things heh. except the fact that RSA and ALO are kinda fishy...
  9. no it is not surprising at all. i am just puzzled by the fact that no one on headfi has seemed to figure out throwing an amp into the signal path is not going to magically make things sound much better. of course no one is gonna point that out, but oh well...
  10. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=215264 <GE> suppose he paid for any of that <GE> that stupid dock is going to break his ipod good seriously, the review makes no fucking sense at all. just another example of shameless headfi marketing. i am willing to bet 10 bucks that the UE-10 pros sound best straight out of the ipod.
  11. tiberian

    funny $hit

    http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=209593 http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=212803 http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=212944 guess now he can go back to his own forum, and spend more time with mr. rick...
  12. instead of changing your source, you might wanna try a different amp, or use a different cable for your sennheisers etc, to find the sound you like. my transporter sounds better than the lavry, but it costs at least $1800 right now. you might want to get a slightly used one from audiogon for around $1500. the bel canto DAC3 is also an interesting, but its $2000+ new from TTVJ.
  13. with my laptop as the server, things seem to work really well now. the digital volume control is working, and i can search and play music on my computer without even touching my mouse.
  14. yea, i think its time to save up for a souped up headroom balanced desktop.
  15. so basically... transporter has a cleaner sound, there is more air between different instruments, better treble definition, bass is leaner than the lavry, but with a better speed. some will definitely not stand the transporter because its too lean sounding. now i need to wait until next wednesday, then i can start to mess with all the slim devices software crap and whatnot... EDIT: with power conditioning and a power cord upgrade the lavry can probably sound as good as the transporter, the difference between the two DACs are less than the difference between the lavry VS the apogee mini-dac.
  16. lol, i aint gonna pay 1k for all those stupid mods.
  17. one major pain in the butt with the transporter is basically you can't do shit with the transporter if its not connected to a computer.
  18. first impression: the sound is extremely clear. second impression: the UI is a tad user unfriendly without RTFM.
  19. $1700 for a fully souped out balanced amp (upgraded module, dedicated power supply, balanced stepped attenuator), great job tyll. you totally stole the thunder from ray samuels.
  20. it's still way more expensive than the headroom balanced max, headamp GS-X, and the stock singlepower supra XLR. WHOA. hahaha.
  21. i only know he charges a ridiculous amount of money for his products.
  22. in flames - come clarity yeah yeah yeah - show your bones katatonia - the great cold distance thom yorke - the eraser the roots - game theory gnarls barkley - st. elsewhere basement jaxx - crazy itch radio the rapture - pieces of people we love p.o.s - audition BT - this binary universe my chemical romance - the black parade jakalope - born 4 deftones - saturday night wrist incubus - light grenades the game - the doctor's advocate
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