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  1. one of the possible factors are dirty power, have you tried power conditioning of anykind? when i had the k701s i found them slightly harsh, just slightly...
  2. no way, the writing style is too different, and the real tuberoller writes like ray samuels.
  3. i guess i am the only person here who has never liked the RS-1s . has anyone tried them with a balanced amp?
  4. lots of headfiers have a serious sour grapes issue, thats why we all get to see idiots trolling threads everyday or so. the zhaolu and storm craze were also great examples of that.
  5. folks here are going to disagree with you.
  6. instead of making himself a tolerable guest by trying to squash some of the beef between him and singlepower/sacd lover, he chose to post reks' pm and stirred shit up. remember he started the amp war and all the bashings, not mikhail nor earl.
  7. headroom and moon audio. or maybe you can ask yikes...
  8. tiberian

    Stax Omega 2

    wow. homegrown sells 22awg teflon coated silver wire for $2.38/ft when you buy 100+ ft (like moon audio).
  9. as long as whats inside the casino remains inside i guess we are fine... bitching is a part of life.
  10. burn-in in general is snake oil to me.
  11. lavry black da10. gilmore lite with power supply.
  12. this one is nice, cardas tonearm wire. maybe not for portable use... http://www.dedicatedaudio.com/inc/sdetail/3928 i like vh audio 28awg cotton coated silver wire on my k81djs too, not for portable use as well. http://www.vhaudio.com/wire.html#vhcotton cardas 4x24 headphone cable. the same thing they use for sennheiser and mini to rca cables. great stuff once you remove the outer jacket. http://www.diycable.com/main/product_info.php?cPath=89_119_131&products_id=574&Cid=e6d6583ba8a24795119b2c69c02b336a
  13. i will pretend that nothing is going on and continue to walk to the corner store.
  14. its great to know that ken law is stepping up the DAC game, can't wait until i meet him in person once i get back to HK.
  15. interesting, can you describe the sound that umm...will not offend people? like that watered down k701-ish sound?
  16. mid august maybe... i don't think its gonna topple the zhaolu or the battery dac tho...it costs 1k and its empty inside, IT CAN'T BE GOOD. plus the cheaper a chinese product, the better it sounds.
  17. reminds me of the grover UR rcas i got 8 months ago. i posted my not-so-great impressions of the UR1 on audioasylum, grover sent me his UR-4 for free, i tried it and didn't like it, so i sent it back. then i got a pair of UR-5s out of the blue...in the end grover never bothered to get them back from me so i sold them on audiogon for like 65 bucks lol.
  18. 1. sour grapes, 2. people are too stupid or stubborn to believe you pay for what you get in the US, 3. ori is a decent shill.
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