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  1. i'm a transporter fanboy.
  2. i had 4 beers 3 whiskeys and a shot of jag last night. the hangover wasn't that bad at all.
  3. reading this book for a grad school paper.
  4. glad that you had fun man, next time you should try mixing booze with shrooms
  5. jay would you recommend the sigma 24-70? i am using the tamron 28-75 right now but i could use a few more MMs on the wide angle side. i can't afford the canon 24-70 so i am thinking about trading my tamron for a sigma...
  6. i had a great time with the 17-55 f/2.8 IS on a digital rebel xti. the 3-stop IS should be able to take care of your indoor photographic needs, if not crank up the iso and use noise ninja...YMMV of course.
  7. seriously trose have you ever auditioned any decent source?
  8. how the hell is the b52 good looking with all the bright looking stuff? the gs-x easily takes the title of the best looking amp imho, just because it looks really slick and clean.
  9. instead of blowing your budget in a big bang, i think it's a good idea to purchase a balanced headroom max amp (which can run a bit expensive), add a pair of balanced beyer DT880, and see how you like the sound...
  10. teletoobies is a show for little kids ffs, cut all the homophobic bullshit already.
  11. yes, around 15 months in chicago...someone brought a cardas and an equinox to the meet, and i A/Bed them directly out of the lavry DA-10 headphone out with my woodied hd650s.
  12. in my experience the equinox sounded even thicker than the cardas (single ended version), but of course ymmv. and all of them are really expensive now. 300 for cardas, 350 for equinox, 409 for zu.
  13. FWIW i like cardas. but i am sure that grandenigma and [ak]zip can make you an awesome cable.
  14. you said you have a laptop from your other thread, so spend the money on a computer friendly stationary solution, then you can have your own cake and eat it. i think hirsch has or had a regular ipod and the imod, if i remember correctly he said he heard a positive improvement on headfi.
  15. if you really want to go portable consider getting one of those IEMs from shure, westone, or ultimate ears. its stupid to get a k701 or hd 650 when you are going to use them with your laptop or your ipod. great source/amp solutions for your laptop would probably be headroom total bithead, the meier porta corda mk3 with usb, or echo indigo.
  16. they still sound bass heavy after the foam pads are gone...still very enjoyable nonetheless.
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