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  1. This is a picture of the last meet I hosted.
  2. Bah, that looks more like 4.7M! Much to the owner's chagrin. IF I did own a 6M dollar home (vs camera bag), I would host a 3 week headphone retreat- more like a residential treatment program, rather than a basic meet.
  3. I hope you don't have a dog. "Awwww, the dog ate my tonearm again!"
  4. You could always dampen it with some butter.
  5. If I was blessed with such a nice piece of glass I'd have gone with the 7 too. That 2.8 aperture coupled with in-lens IS will allow you to hand-hold full zoom shots at dusk, really. Outstanding fidelity, too. It's surprising how much you can put in these bags though. I was thinking I might need either the 6 or 7, and the 6 is plenty roomy. Did you go for the Karachi Outpost?
  6. Well, it's not a house, it's a camera bag. But it's a nice camera bag. They have odd names for all their stuff. Crumpler 6MDH It would be pretty cramped for a meet.
  7. Extend your middle finger towards Comcast, if only for your own comfort. Remember, "It's Comcastic!"
  8. A six million dollar home. BTW, great lens, Mike. f2.8 at 200mm + in-lens IS=
  9. I've been up since 4:30am, and it still hasn't snowed yet, so hurray for that. We got a bit less than a foot from thursday through monday, so it wasn't nearly as 'epic' as forecast. I was expecting to have to tunnel out.
  10. Miguel- Which watch box did you choose? I've been wanting one for a while to hold my Oris when I'm not wearing it. I like #2 a lot as well...
  11. Hope it was a good one, Haj. How do you like the new turntable? Or are you still playing with the wrapping paper mostly...
  12. I'm so old that I forgot my own party. Sad thing is it was a pants party. I've been listening to these a lot more, I really like them...
  13. A Panny LX3k and a bottle of Famous Grouse.
  14. X8, at least. Words cannot express my gratitude.
  15. Looking great, nice job on the base, too. I'm peeved that I'll miss the boat saturday. I'd much rather be there!
  16. Figure I can safely weigh in on these, finally. I've owned three pair of Grado phones, including the HF-1, and auditioned at length many more. I really want to like them, but it just hasn't happened for me. Combination of the perceived SQ (meaning with my ears VS yours), and the typical supra-aural VS circumaural design comfort issues (again, for me at least), I just haven't been able to enjoy them. Despite these past experiences, I felt compelled to give Grado yet another shake, again without any audition, as they were not out yet. After trying a pair at the NY meet this spring, I felt co
  17. Replacement headband pad and earpads for my senns. The headband pad was shot, but the earpads didn't seem too bad- until I got the new pair and compared them. They feel like new now, only nice and broken in at the same time.
  18. Polk used to use those on their SDA speakers, for the cable that places one driver from each array into the opposing cabinet. Also have seen them on really old car radio speaker cables. Pretty unusual for sure.
  19. That's awesome, and a tip of the hat to your wife. The shelf contents are nearly identical to those in my basement, to the point of being interchangeable. Too funny, and nice to see I have some company in that regard.
  20. While the two tubes are relativelty compatible, I think you will find the 5687 to sound better anyway. At least that was my experience. The JJ ECC99 is a nice tube- relative to other current production tubes, that is. I have a couple of them, and also some Svetlana versions of the same. The JJ is better than the older Svetlana tubes, but the 5687 is notably sweeter. Looks like your former bridge was working pretty hard.
  21. That looks pretty workable, each tray holds a reasonable group of tubes. Does it stay clipped together pretty securely? Looks like your workbench has a sink, faucets, and marble backsplash. I'm guessing either you are a bachelor, or married to the most understanding woman in history.
  22. Has anyone here built one? I have an RCA caddy, it's about the size of a maxed-out carry-on bag. Similar to this one: The thing is huge, and while it's interesting in an ephemeral way, it weighs about 40 pounds (full), and is of course pretty musty. Big arse mofo. Right now I keep my active, or popular- tubes in three file cabinet drawers. The caddy is filled with odd and end tubes that I may or may not ever have use for, but don't wish to toss. Then I have another cardboard carton with other, stranger tubes, such as duodecar and some extra compactrons. Deal is that it would ma
  23. Sounds nice, very ambitious- be sure to put up some pics when you finish.
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