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  1. I think that was one of the things that struck me when coming back from a long absence, that electrostats seem to have stood completely still, while planars and dynamics have come forward in leaps and bounds. I don't have enough experience to judge whether they have yet reached the heights of the best stats, but the different rates of progress are quite stark. In any case, yeah, the more options and competition, the better.
  2. Oh totally, I was mostly being facetious. But even then, a couple dB across several kHz is definitely in the audible range. Indeed! What struck me is that the specs claim these only weigh 300g. That's half the weight of the other mainstream Audeze. Do the magnets account for that much weight loss, or have they been able to trim a whole heap of fat from the frame and housing?
  3. I've never once listened to the HD650 and thought, "You know what? I wish these had less treble energy above 4 kHz" Still the technicalities of an electrostatic with a crowd-pleasing dynamic tuning could be really interesting... *me checks price*... to read about when someone else buys them.
  4. That is rated lifespan at the maximum temperature, ripple current and voltage. Pretty insane conditions for most audio gear. Lifespan increases dramatically as temperature and ripple current fall to more reasonable levels.
  5. The desirability of the Panasonic for filtering and power rail uncoupling is the higher ripple rating and lower ESR. At that size/voltage, the Panasonic FR is rated for 1.65A and 30 mohms, the Kemet 1.35A and 42 mohms. Not a big difference, but it's there.
  6. Fucking epic. Not all heroes wear capes! Wow, nice find. Heaps of places I could have historically used those, if only I realised I needed them!
  7. Right, so still a clamping design which I imagine makes mounting a lot easier, but you do solder the pins after inserting them. Got it. Yep, those tulip pins were the ones used in the jacks I got from luvdunhill about 10 years ago. A bitch to solder, but they haven't let me down yet! That looks like a direct 3D print of the milled version? Seems to work beautifully with the tulip pins. I imagine you still solder these after assembly? * My $0.02 if it were me 3D printing these, I'd flip them upside down and put the 'customer facing' surface on the build plate. It would mean you have to use supports around the overhangs, but you'd get a much cleaner/prettier result on the surface you can see. I'd also consider using low-warp nylon; if your printer can print ABS and PETG well, chances are it can manage nylon as well, it usually only needs about 250°C on the hotend. The only real difficulty is that you absolutely must keep nylon filament bone dry before and during printing, and use a quality adhesion aid (Magigoo PA is very good on glass and PEI). The real benefit is that nylon will be stronger and more dimensionally stable than both ABS and PETG, and heat resistance should be as good as PETG.
  8. Ah, didn't realise you had to solder in situ, that definitely makes PLA difficult. It looked like there was a seam that might represent two parts that 'clamp' the pins in place. But I guess that is probably the subtle layer transition where the bolt head insets end. I wonder if there any common pin type that might work clamped between two blocks that are screwed together? Could remove heat from the equation, and make jack production extremely accessible if you can use PLA.
  9. Awesome idea. What material do you use? Not that it would seem to matter, I suppose, as long as it is sufficiently strong. A quick Google suggests PLA has a dielectric strength of >30 kV/mm, and PETG is at >45 kV/mm. That's almost as good as Teflon.
  10. For sure. But I'm also worried about all the caterers, bus drivers, venue workers, etc. And then their families. In a perfect world, they have all had the chance to get vaccinated, but Japan's vaccine rollout has been excruciatingly slow. I hope I'm wrong.
  11. Rather than a celebration of human excellence, I feel like it is going to become a historical reminder of humanity's hubris. After 18 months of this crap, everyone has started patting themselves on the back for 'beating' the pandemic, thinking that middling vaccination rates and sensitive-but-flawed testing is sufficient. But then you take thousands of people from every corner of the globe, get them all to travel to one place, and put them in a relatively confined space with a deadly virus? But hey, as long as it's good for the economy. Forget my country's team, go Team Economy! I really hope I'm wrong.
  12. Beefy

    Get your game on!

    Dusk looks great. Shame I don't have a PC suitable for games these days, and Dusk isn't on Xbox.....
  13. Beefy

    Get your game on!

    Awesome, I hadn't heard this. I played a LOT of Quake 1 back in the day, and distinctly remember the soundtrack done by Trent Reznor. It was completely revolutionary at the time. The Doom reboot has set a new high bar for game music in the past few years, so hopefully they try and step it up even further with a new Quake.
  14. Outstanding, pleased to hear it! Please do report back with whatever issues/solutions are found, it may help out others who have similar amps.
  15. I've seen this person's builds on SBAF and they look spectacular. Extremely unfortunate that they seem to have some issues. Oh, and I found your for sale post on Canuck Audio Mart, which has bigger/nicer pictures. I was tempted to put my hand up and give this a shot, but there is *no way* I could find the time and energy to work out that rat's nest of wires! (But also, at the same time, so much thought and detail has been put into some aspects. I mean, the ventilation around the power tube bases is really neat, but then to undersize the power caps? SMH)
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