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  1. Due to combined work permit and payroll snafus, it seems I am not going to get wages for up to three months. Thus, I am going to have to bow out. I'm sorry, I hope this doesn't cause any problems
  2. Uh-oh, the secret is out. Forget about spiders and snakes, these guys are the real killers in Australia......
  3. Is that a problem? Most people will be going balls-deep for a build like this, so surface mount shouldn't be too much in additional difficulty. I would certainly prefer surface mount devices from Mouser than the increasing risk of fake parts from obscure sellers.
  4. I would guess it is the same problem I have had in bright light when trying to catch things fast. The usual setting of centre-weighted metering doesn't quite get the hint of what you want, thus you get beautifully detailed sunny skies with dark foreground. My solution is to use centre spot metering on desired target, exposure lock, then re-frame - it blows out the highlights in the sky, but gives me what I want. If anybody has a better technique, I'd love to hear it. * Anybody have any experience with tough compact cameras? I am eyeing off the new Olympus TG-1 as a small carry around for
  5. Heh, that made the evening news here in Halifax. Wish I could say I had something to do with it, but no......
  6. Maybe you need lube? Oh, and Justin has already said on the previous page that pins come preinstalled. I trust he will get it right. So for 4 jacks, two normal two pro it would be 4*18 plus 2*5 = 82 plus PP and shipping. Yeah, I can dig that.
  7. I'm in for 2-4 depending on price!
  8. I submitted a paper; my magnum opus. Two and a half years of blood, sweat, tears, and LOTS of cursing. Fingers crossed! Tonight, I pack for a conference in San Francisco. Life might not be so bad after all......
  9. Lack of definition compared to what in my arsenal? The AD900 are pretty precise and impactful, but the bass volume is quite low; DT1350 win. The ESW9 have great presence and tone, but are lacking in slam; DT1350 win. I haven't compared to the HD650 or SR-Lambda yet, but those are both straying a loooooong way from a fair fight. So I won't claim they are perfect. But for their purpose and pricepoint they are pretty awesome.
  10. Drink beer now, worry later if it is a problem.
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