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  1. I didn't really see any problems with Monster having a bunch of people there, but then again, I didn't spend much time in their room. Tyll was nice enough to give me a chance to hear the HD800 on a number of quite nice systems on Friday night so I had sort of done that and figured I'd let other people have their time with them during the meet. So aside from there Noel having his little scooter thingie and the fact that there were a lot of Monster reps (who were apparently loud at times, at least according to the guy at Tekzilla), was there any real problem with their presence? I mean, an alternative view could be that Noel saw this as an opportunity to reward his guys with a fun weekend, and to allow them to wander around the place and learn more about other headphones and the hobby in general. Had Tyll brought a crew of 15 from Headroom, I suspect most people would have been happy to meet them. What I'm trying to understand is whether there was anything in particular about their presence that was a 'bad' thing for the event, aside from the fact that it was Monster and people don't like their approach to business--so basically people were annoyed with it because it was over the top?
  2. Neil Young's "Archives Volume One" box set on BluRay arrived today. I've never seen a box set anywhere near this huge before. It measures 12" H x 7.5" x 7.5" -- just way over the top and unnecessary. But the good news is that the content is outstanding, including an impressive book that comes with it that documents the entire '63-'72 period. That, and a normal sized box within the jumbo box that stores all of the discs. Sad thing is I can't listen to or watch any of it for now! No access to a BluRay player until I get back on the road and get my PS3 hooked up again.
  3. Exactly, he just takes over. Must be his basic personality, and it certainly worked with ELO. Just not with the Willburys. For all of that talent, they still couldn't quite put it together in a way that really worked. I guess the rest of them were having so much fun that they really didn't care too much about the output, as such. With Dylan, it always seems good to have as few people around as absolutely needed, which is why this idea really intrigues me. It should be right up his alley to sit down and collaborate on song writing with Paul, and then figure out the rest of it in terms of production once they've come up with something worthwhile. The man needs his space! He's even told his own kid that, and never seems to want to work with him on anything.
  4. Well, thank goodness they don't have Jeff Lynne in the middle of it to screw everything up! This should be fun. Dylan's 'Together Through Life' album is a definite keeper, IMO. He still has something to say, whereas Paul seems to have run out of gas of late (unless he's done something relevant since 'Memory Almost Full' which didn't do a thing for me).
  5. Seems like a lot of people have been saying this same thing. That has been my experience at all of the national meets, actually. I'd be supportive of a 3 day event and think we have sufficient numbers these days that it would probably go over quite well.
  6. Hey, I'm over 10,000 behind my pace! No, the thing is, I've managed to get into a bad habit of reading/responding, reading/responding, and then going back and merging all of my continuous posts. But I don't have those powers here!
  7. Those really are gorgeous! Nice to have friends, huh Vicki?
  8. Ya, he's getting quite the knob job there. That actually (almost) happened to me a couple of years ago. I walked into the Westin in Grand Cayman one night, totally unexpected. There I am in full glory with my fully tweaked out Santa suit (it's kind of an Orpheus of Santa suits if I don't mind saying so myself, no details left unattended). Anyway, there are two hot white chicks sitting there at the lobby bar, along with a couple of guys. I'm not really into white chicks these days, but I've been known to make exceptions. They quickly took to me and were rubbing themselves all over me. I played along and made some innocent enough, but not exactly kid friendly comments to them, all in the Santa voice of course. No kids were around so it was safe territory. The next thing you know they're talking about having me up to their room for a 3-some. I said, "Ho ho ho... wouldn't your husbands get upset?" pointing to the guys I thought they were with at the bar. Then one of them said, "No, Santa, she's my husband!" and was dead serious about it. But they weren't really interested in doing to Santa thing. They were just playing around with me. They did start kissing though, when I challenged them to. Nice looking women, I'm telling you. I was mostly afraid that they would try to use their toys on me, and Santa is strictly an exit only kind of guy. Should have done it... one of those rare opportunities that doesn't come twice. I've had my ES-1 since last September and have yet to plug it in. No lie. It's not that I'm uninterested, it's just that I needed some time to decompress from the waiting game. It only took a year and a half, which is a nanosecond in Mikhail time. So I figure I should wait a couple more years to let it ferment. The SDS-XLR sounds pretty good though. I've had it for the same period of time and have listened to 2 CDs on it so far. Don't know why, because it really is stellar. I'm sure the ES-1 is as well. I'm planning to give them some serious time this Fall when I get back. I'd love to do that. I've been thinking about it actually, and would love to get 20-30 people together. It would be great to have more but that's not realistic given the cost. Fewer would be fun too, but the incentive for me would be to have a sufficient number to justify the hassle of moving my entire setup to a hotel for a week. I'd love to hear my MBL system breathe a little more. The room is deep and high enough but could use some additional width. Plus it would be hard to create enough space to allow everyone to have appropriate access to all of my headphones, amps, etc. But a quick in and out in 3 days would be a shame in a lot of ways. You would need more time if you really wanted to do a "meet" (as such) with serious listening time, and also see the place and spend time on the beach. I'd say 4-5 days would be about right. The best part of those pink ear molds was the little tampon strings they use to pull them out of your ears. I thought that was a nice touch. You can see them in the pic if you look close. Oh, and 2 of my 6 chins as well. That's always a pleasant reminder.
  9. Ya, I figured that much. I don't believe we ever met over there (in a virtual sense, of course). I kind of like the thin skin greeting I've been seeing here, BTW. Anyway, thanks for the greeting.
  10. JJ Cale's new album, "Roll On" - much as you would expect if you're a fan. He never changes all that much, which I think is a good thing. This one is much better produced than a lot of his early stuff (think 70s). He just keeps rolling on. No doubt about that.
  11. I hear you there, man. I've got all of this stuff already (or am about to order in the case of Smyth and JH but they already have my personalized measurements and ear impressions, respectively, so it's now just a matter of sending the money). I somehow missed the Audeze, but am tempted to order that one just on faith given all of the great reviews by trusted ears.
  12. Same thing with me. They hooked me right away. Although I've never been a cheapskate when it comes to this hobby, I also never could have imagined that I'd EVER order another pair of custom IEMs. My UE 10 Pro are great. What would be the point of getting something else? For whatever reasons, I never understood those who collect custom IEMs. But the JH13 are in another league IMO. Still, it will be wierd having the UE's as a "backup" becuse they're great in their own right - but still outclassed in every way.
  13. It's hard not to when listening to JJ Cale on the HD800s! He's so smooth, man. Saw him in Kansas City in the mid 90s once. It was a small dinner theater type of place with maybe 300 people there at most, and he shows up dressed pretty casually, pulls up a wooden stool and just starts strummin' and singing one song after the other, totally effortlessly just like on his albums. Cocaine, Call Me the Breeze, After Midnight... anyway, new album is called "Roll On" and I'm giving it a thumbs up if you're into that kind of stuff. Much better produced than his early stuff. No grain at all. Of course, the HD800 probably help in that regard.
  14. Fixed it already. I'm quick. Up to nearly 10 posts already. Not even thinking about heeding Dan's automated warning:
  15. No, Vicki. It has to be a whole system! I hate people don't read my posts COMPLETELY!!! Plus, you know how my headphone systems work. Start with 3 racks of granite shelves, then load them up with a bunch of amps and sources, add several coat racks of headphones...
  16. No, Claus is cool. If you had intended Clause, I'd keep it. But since you didn't, I won't.
  17. Uh, gone already! That's probably better. Claus. Ya, that's it!
  18. I like that "Clause" thing, Dan. Normally Claus, but the lawyer in me appreciates the subtle twist, whether intended or not on your part. Not that there's much lawyer left in me these days.
  19. First bitch. My pic won't show up. It loads in my profile but doesn't show in my avatar.
  20. Oops, I mean $40k. But it has to be a complete system. I've been thinking about downsizing. Any advice? Newbie here. Things seem a little turned upside down here. It might take me a while to adjust and get myself turned right side up, but I'll try. So that's it for my first post. Oh, except to say "Hi, all you mother fuckers and pond scum lickers!" I can say that here, can't I? It was nice talking to some of you at CanJam.
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